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Big Five Personality Traits: The Five Factor Model

An overview of the five-factor model.
What are the Big Five Personality Traits?
Openness to Experience

Big Five Personality Traits Explained:

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Big Five Personality Traits: The Five Factor Model

  2. 2. They are a model intended to help understand the complexity of human Behavior WHAT ARETHE BIG FIVE PERSONALITYTRAITS?
  3. 3. 1.Openness to Experience 2.Conscientiousness 3.Extroversion 4.Agreeableness 5.Neuroticism
  4. 4. Openness to Experience The more open someone is to experiences the more active their imagination may be, and they may prefer more variety in life or intellectual curiosity Opposite is Inhibited/Closed to Experience
  5. 5. Conscientiousness A conscientious person is often strong-willed or inflexible; they can be determined and dependable or excessively focused on minor details that don’t add any value – the extreme perfectionist Opposite is Apathetic
  6. 6. Extroversion People who score high in Extroversion are likely to be energetic, likable, and optimistic Opposite is Introversion
  7. 7. Agreeableness The more agreeable someone is, the more altruistic tendencies they may experience and the more they can be sympathetic to others opposite is Antagonistic
  8. 8. Neuroticism People high in Neuroticism may be at risk for certain kinds of psychiatric disorders It may negatively impact the happiness of an individual Opposite is Emotionally Stable
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