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Copywriting Services List: The Ultimate List of Content Tasks Every Marketer Should Be Delegating

The right words, whether in the form of copy or content, can make a huge difference for your marketing.

If you can speak to your audience in a way that moves them, inspires them, informs them, or clarifies complicated ideas for them, you’re far more likely to be successful.

Good writing serves as a foundation for any brand voice in the form of content, ads, web pages, promotions – you name it. Without that foundation in place, you’ll never move leads to become customers and customers to become brand evangelists.

The question is: Do you even have TIME to pull off that kind of writing consistently?

Most marketers don’t – and that’s okay. Instead, they rely on copywriting services and expert talent. They delegate and outsource to people who call it their life’s work to know and write for all types of audiences in all types of industries persuasively. ✍

Don’t put your hands in too many pots at once. Don’t forfeit writing quality in favor of other tasks. Your entire content marketing strategy WILL suffer. 

So, what types of copywriting services can you outsource? What should you invest in for better results for yourself or your clients?

We’ve compiled a complete guide, including pricing averages, right here. Check it out, live on the Write Blog today! Full post:

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Copywriting Services List: The Ultimate List of Content Tasks Every Marketer Should Be Delegating

  1. 1. Copywriting Services: THE MASTER LIST OF CONTENT NEEDS FOR YOUR MARKETING 1. Social Media Copy for Each Platform 2. Branded Images Onsite Copywriting Services: BLOGGING 1. Keyword Research 2. Audience & Topic Research 3. Starter Blogs - Shorter Expert Pieces 4. Authority Blogs - Skyscraper Pieces Onsite Copywriting Services: WEB PAGES 1. SEO Keywords for Your Web Pages 2. Key Landing Pages 3. Service-Specific SEO Landing Pages 1. Ebooks & Lead Magnets 2. Whitepapers 3. PPT/SlideShare 4. Flyers/Brochures 5. Press Releases 6. Video Scripts 7. Product Descriptions Email Content 1. Email Sequences 2. Single Emails to Your List Launches/Campaigns Ad Copy/Sales Pages 1. Conversion Copywriting Strategic, expert writing services for marketers, entrepreneurs and agencies. EXPRESSWRITERS.COM/CONTENT-SHOP