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Storytelling in Content Marketing: How to Add Meaning, Color, and Life to Your Marketing

I'd say it's safe to say that we all know the power of stories.

Each one of us has experienced it in our lives at some point or another.

Whether you grew up listening to your grandmother tell fairy tales…
Whether you read adventure books under the covers with a flashlight long past your bedtime…
Whether you have enthralling conversations with your friends for hours over food and drinks…
Or you spend hours sitting in movie theaters and watching stories play out onscreen…
Stories are essential to giving our lives color, life, and meaning. 

Today on the Write Blog, I'm sharing how marketers can use storytelling in their content marketing to tap into the undeniable power of stories and their ability to draw an audience like moths to a glowing streetlight.

When you add stories to your content, you give your content color and life. You make it relatable, understandable, and personal.

Stories keep people reading, but what's truly interesting is people remember stories (incidents, happenings) more than almost anything else. That’s because stories and narratives help construct memories and keep them intact in our minds, according to Jason Gots for Brain Think:

“Cognitive science has long recognized narrative as a basic organizing principle of memory. From early childhood, we tell ourselves stories about our actions and experiences. Accuracy is not the main objective – coherence is. If necessary, our minds will invent things that never happened, people who don't exist, simply to hold the narrative together.”

Crazy stuff, how much stories WORK for more information-retention!

Dive into today's blog to learn how to effectively weave stories into your marketing, complete with examples of storytelling in content marketing we can take inspiration from:

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