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  1. 1. | #innocos | | #beauty20 A Customer Centric Approach to World Class Digital Commerce in Beauty and Personal Care SUMMIT &AWARDS Sep30-Oct1,2014 404NYC,10thAvenue404,NewYork,NY10001
  2. 2. contact:, tel: (631) 408 8350 2 Featuringspeakersfrom leadingcompanies: Paul Schiraldi, General Manager, Matrix Riva Syrop, Sales Director & Megan McIntyre, Beauty Director, Refinery29 Will Travis, President North America Sid Lee Tamar Yaniv, CEO and Co-Founder, Preen.Me Charles von Abercron , Global CEO & founder, GLOSSYBOX Valerie Dassier, E-Commerce & CRM Director, Comptoir des Cotonniers Toto Haba, Sr. Director Global Digital Marketing, Benefit Cosmetics Kelly McDonnell, Director Global Social Digital Market- ing, Bobbi Brown Michael Dubin, Founder and CEO, Jessica Rotnicki, VP e-Commerce, Estée Partnersand sponsors: Leadsponsor : Goldsponsor : Vimla Gupta Black, SVP Global Marketing, Bobbi Brown Heather Lockwood, Global Digital Director, Aveda David Olsen, VP Global Beauty, NET-A-PORTER.COM Jennifer Tidy, VP of Partnerships, Modiface Lori Singer, VP Global Marketing Balenciaga & Marc Jacobs Fragrances, Coty
  3. 3. Coffee and Networking Standing out in a Crowded World of Distraction Men’s lifestyle brand Dollar Shave Club, is the brainchild of CEO Michael Dubin and his co-founder Mark Levine, who grew tired of the overpriced razors on the market and decided to set-up their own brand.With a small marketing budget, Dubin filmed a promo video with a friend, lampooning other razor brands. It went viral, seen by nearly 15 million people and carved a place in the market for this upstart company.Two years on, Dollar Shave Club has an estimated 650,000 customers and stays one step ahead of competitors through inspired social engagement. • Solving problems and earning trust: building meaningful connections • The Importance of Brand Building and brand development • Speak from the heart- be direct Michael Dubin, CEO, Dollar Shave Club Industry Disrupted: How consumers are revolutionizing the beauty industry and how brands can leverage it Preen.Me aims to transform a currently inefficient $60B US beauty market into a modern marketplace. Utilizing social graphs and crowdsourcing, Preen. Me will provide personalized product recommendations based on preferences of women with a similar profile and will enable women to compare products at different price points on one web site. It provides everything necessary to make a confident purchase, while creating the fun and engaging experience that buying beauty should be. • How can brands adapt and take a seat at the table? • What is the real significance of social and how can you best leverage its popularity • Building the future Tamar Yaniv, Co-Founder and CEO, Preen.Me The Millennial Consumer: How to connect with the Digital Generation Refinery29 knows its customer. In addition to its 24/7 original editorial content, Refinery29 connects readers with content, commerce, and community, giving them all the tips, tricks, and tools they need to live a more beautiful life – and share it with the world. • What have we learned about her? Is she really just a big spender with a short attention span? Riva and Megan share key findings from Refinery29’s exclu- sive insights series “Her Brain on Digital,” a study on the millennial minded woman. • Why the R29 approach is different: content creation as collaboration be- tween editorial voice and reader opinion, rich in relevant, up-to-the-minute and valuable information. • Case study: R29 takes us through how their native programmes are created, executed and supported and share some campaign successes Riva Syrop, Sales Director and Megan McIntyre, Beauty Director, Refinery29 Personalizing the digital beauty experience. • Using augmented reality to boost e-commerce. • How to digitally engage with consumers Jennifer Tidy, Vice President Partnerships, ModiFace 9.40am 9.00am 10.20am The Consumer Revolution: Creating Content to Keep Up 10.50am 11.30am 12.10pm 30 Sept. contact:, tel: (631) 408 8350 Networking Lunch The Social Phenomenon: Interactive round table discussion GLOSSYBOX which won the Leader of the Year Award 2014 by Global Cosmetics Community – Category Marketing. GLOSSYBOX is the world’s leading global beauty subscription box. Founded in 2011 by global CEO Charles von Abercron, GLOSSYBOX is a global success with over 6 million boxes shipped to date, over three different continents includ- ing USA, Japan, and across the EU.The beauty box reaches more than 200,000 subscribers per month worldwide, and has partnered with over 400 international brands. Elian Pres Gurwits, Managing Director USA, GLOSSYBOX 1.40pm 3 InnoCosDigital 2014 Are you Digital Through and Through?
  4. 4. 30 Coffee and Networking Social Media Brainstorming Panel Session This high-level panel discussion will tackle issues such as • Social media campaign strategy • How to stay ahead of emerging SM platforms • Measurement, analysis and ROI • Uncovering the path to purchase from Social Media Kelly McDonnell, Director of Global Social Media, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Heather Lockwood, Global Digital Director, Aveda Dr. Stuart Shulman, Founder and CEO, Textifter Closing of the first day and preparation for #beuaty20 Awards ceremony 2.40pm 3.00pm 3.20pm 3.50pm Sept. Daisy Marc Jacobs’“Tweet Shop” In the highly competitive beauty industry, Coty has made its mark with a company culture that emphasizes creativity and innovation. A pop-up shop designed to delight the target audience and encourage social me- dia sharing, the Marc Jacobs DaisyTweet Shop is the embodiment of that very focus on creativity. No money was exchanged—only social currency, by which anyone who posted onTwitter or Instagram with #MJDAISY- CHAIN would be rewarded with items from the Daisy store. Lori Singer, VP Global Marketing Balenciaga &Marc Jacobs for Coty Inc. Cleaning Social Data: How to Locate Influential and Relevant Brand and Product Posts Using Machine-Learning • Cleaning up the Social Data Mess • Using human coding to pinpoint the most relevant and influential posts • Cleaner data is a faster path to valid social insights and engagement. Dr. Stuart Shulman, Founder and CEO, Textifter Get Them To Follow In Love With You by Jack Vincent The key to getting loving followers is simple, according to Jack. Fall in love with them! Love them as you would want to be loved. Simple, yes. Easy, no. Relationships always take work, in love and in marketing. In his upcoming book, “A Sale Is A Love Affair - Get Your CustomersTo Go AllTheWay,” Jack draws the many parallels between falling in love and securing new customers, while providing tools for salespeople and marketers to seduce, engage and win! The parallels are as strong face-to-face as they are online. In his presen- tation, Jack will outline tactical tools that might even sound like a dating coach or a marriage counsellor. Jack is a sales and marketing advisor, he has worked in consumer goods, with two books and an edgy blog at jackvincent.comHis second book will come out just in time forValentine’s Day: “A Sale Is A Love Affair - Seduce, Engage &Win Customers’ Hearts Forever.”When not on the road with clients, Jack divides his time between Luzern, Switzerland andWood- stock NY. 4.45pm contact:, tel: (631) 408 8350 COCKTAILS AND AWARDS CEREMONY 5.00pm 5.30pm Awards Cocktails starts in New York at 404NYC venue (www.404nyc. com). You can have a lovely elegant conversation with other guests (even with winners, but who will be, you will still don’t know). 4 InnoCosDigital 2014 Socially Acceptable Behaviour
  5. 5. 30 - Sept. contact:, tel: (631) 408 8350 5.45pm 7.00pm Awards Ceremony and Reception You will have an opportunity to feel yourself on stellar party with celebri- ties from the biggest cosmetics companies. An aim of Awards ceremony is to reward the most successful companies in the different nomina- tions: Best Twitter, Best Facebook, Best Pinterest, Best Instagram, Best App (Mobile or Tablet), Best Online Video, Best e-Commerce Website, Best Beauty Startup, Best Technology Startup, Best Beauty Brand Online. Our modern Crystal trophy will decorate a desk of winners and will give an extra reason for pride for each company. No one knows may be exactly your company will be a winner? End of the day 1 Oct. 9.00am Oct 1 “Le Fast Shopping”revolutionizing the way we shop French Fashion brand Comptoir des Cotonniers wanted to empower customers, expand the brand awareness and retail network and capi- talise on impulse shopping. How did it succeed? By changing the face of global retail overnight. It has turned posters, billboards, magazines, cafe table tops, postcards, flyers and clothing into more than 10,000 ‘virtual boutiques’ that let consumers order and pay for goods with their mobile phone. • How to drive traffic to 10,000 virtual boutiques • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn, Scoop it and a Partnership with Betty, a worldwide well-known blog- ger • LE FASTSHOPPING SAISON 2 in November with Iconic Products and new innovative services Valerie Dassier, Director E-Commerce and CRM, Comptoir des Coton- niers *WORLD EXCLUSIVE* From bricks to clicks and back again: the only way is Omnichannel • Creating a successful team with inspired staffing • How to Offer a seamless digital experience • Total InformationTransparency Vimla Gupta Black, SVP Marketing and Kelly McDonnell, Director Global Social and Digital Marketing, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 9.40am Coffee and Networking10.20am 10.50am Interactive Panel Session: Next Generation E-commerce: It’s all about getting there • HighTouch Service • Delivering memorable moments on the customer journey • Staying ahead of client expectations • Next generation Mobile Commerce Ross Glick, RG3.0 Jessica Rotnicki, VP e-Commerce, Estée, Elian Pres Gurwits, Managing Director USA, GLOSSYBOX David Olsen, VP Global Beauty, NET-A-PORTER.COM Jennifer Tidy, Vice President Partnerships, Modiface 5
  6. 6. 6.00pm Networking Lunch 3.00pm 1 CASE STUDY Wearable Technology: Revolutionizing how we live and work Matrix professional hair care and color, announced the launch of “Matrix Class for Glass™.” Setting the standard in beauty and trend innovation, Matrix introduced a program featuring the wearable device for the next generation of beauty education. Paul Schiraldi will take us through his inspiration for the project, how the technology can help stylists help their audience and ultimately, how the project promotes higher customer engagement, keeps their attention for longer and how this innovative campaign will shape the future of the professional hair care industry. Paul Schiraldi, General Manager, Matrix 3.40pm 2.20pm Close of conference Chairman’s Closing remarks 4.00pm 12.50pm Round Table Discussion: How to Position and Present your Brand with Retail Jessica Rotnicki, VP E-Commerce, Estée Group of Companies 11.50am contact:, tel: (631) 408 8350 The Beauty In Losing Control Creative agency Sid Lee has one of the most multidisciplinary creative teams in the world. It cultivates radical collaboration by continually tear- ing down the barriers that creep up between disciplines. Elana talks about the shift in power from the brand to the consumer when it comes to the brand experience and getting your media sanity back Elana Gorbatyuk, Strategy Director, SidLee Oct. 6 InnoCosDigital 2014 Upwardly Mobile and Getting Personal
  7. 7. Es a eum fugias eatem faccati aturibusa cus elent autem ex esci- ment que molorib usciae sit labo. Best Twitter Best Instagram Best e-Commerce Website Best Beauty Brand Online Best Facebook Best App (Mobile or Tablet) Best Beauty Startup Best Pinterest Best Online Video Best Technology Startup Nominate your favorite beauty brand who optimisesTwitter the most for brand building, promo- tion and cultivating relation- ships. Nominate your favorite beauty brand who uses Instagram to en- courage fans to closely engage with them online and provide daily visual inspiration. Nominate your favorite beauty brand website that is easy to use and visually appealing whilst offering high quality content and various social media sharing options. Nominate your favorite brand with outstanding performance in total online presence. Nominate your favorite beauty brand with the most engag- ing Facebook page, in terms of content, interactivity and bond with fans. Nominate your favorite beauty brand mobile app, which is easy to use and offers cool, original content and is engaging. Nominate your favorite beauty startup (3 years old or less) with most innovative and outstand- ing online presence. Nominate your favorite beauty brand who uses Pinterest to en- courage fans to closely engage with them online and provide daily visual inspiration. Nominate your favorite video by a beauty brand that “touched” you and has created the most memorable video. Nominate the most innova- tive technology product that connects beauty industry with customers and supports beauty brands. Categories 2014 contact:, tel: (631) 408 8350 7 #beauty20 Awards