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Valerie Hoecke, VP Digital Experience & Commerce, LVMH, Benefit Cosmetics


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The Future is Now: How the Beauty Industry can Benefit from Digital Campaigns

Assessing changes in the digital landscape in order to proactively capitalise future sales and marketing opportunities
Understanding shifts in entertainment and media creation, and where they create new opportunities for brands
Adapting to the monetization of social media- Connecting with the vlogger, a.k.a. the "Beauty Editor for the digital era"
Leveraging user generated content to extend brand reach & credibility & exploring opportunities for always on shopping in a multi-device world

Published in: Business, Technology
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Valerie Hoecke, VP Digital Experience & Commerce, LVMH, Benefit Cosmetics

  1. 1. The  Future  Is  Now:     How  Beauty  Can  Benefit  from  Digital   Valerie  Hoecke  @vhoecke  @benefitbeauty  Rome  2014  
  2. 2. 2   A  Bit  About  Benefit…   •  San  Francisco-­‐based   presKge  beauty  brand     •  Founded  in  1976  by       twin  sister  models   •  Acquired  by  LVMH  1999   •  Sold  in  >4000  counters  in   >40  countries   •  $1B  in  retail  sales     •  Makeup,  skincare,   beauty  services  sold   through  premium   retailers,  our  own   bouKques,  &  online   •  10  million  eyebrows   waxed   •  Challenger  brand!  
  3. 3. 3   •  Mobile,  Finally   •  Shopping  Ubiquity   •  Futuretainment   •  The  Age  of                                     the  Influencer   4  Digital  Trends  We’re  Focused  On  
  4. 4. MOBILE,     FINALLY!  
  5. 5. 5   Mobile  Traffic  is  Exploding   •  Insert  stats   •  Background  of  VaKcan  pics  
  6. 6. 6   Mobile  =  DisrupGon  
  7. 7. 7   Device  ProliferaGon,  But  Think  Mobile  First  
  8. 8. 8   Mobile  ImplicaGons   •  Mobile  phones  are  locaKon  aware  –  increase  in   locaKon  &  context-­‐specific  messaging   •  Mobile  phones  have  cameras:  hence  the  selfie   •  Opportunity  for  concierge  services     •  Screen  sizes  are  smaller,  requires  less  copy   •  Video  becomes  more  important   •  Touch  allows  for  greater  play  &  interacKvity   •  The  “splinternet”  is  a  challenge  
  10. 10. 10   Ecommerce  Growth   By  2020,  online  sales  are  forecast  to  be  … 20%  of  nonfood  retail  sales.       For  many  types  of  retailers,  the  %-­‐to-­‐total   sales  could  be  even  higher,  as  e-­‐commerce   growth  conKnues  to  significantly  outpace   overall  retail  sales  growth.         *  Retailing  2020  Report  by  NYU  Stern   hhp://    
  11. 11. 11   Barriers  to  Ecommerce  Are  Falling   Saved  Accounts  &  Universal   Shopping  Carts   Delivery  Expansion  Richer  Shopping   Experiences   Free  Shipping  &  Generous   Returns  
  12. 12. 12   Online  |  Offline  DisGncGon  Is  Blurring   Order  Online   Pickup  In  Store   Scan  to  Buy   Scan  to  Replenish   Scan  to  Shop  Via  Mobile   Benefit  Airport  Kiosk  
  13. 13. 13   Online  Shopping  is  Changing   Add  Items  to  Cart  via  Twiher   Mobile   Commerce   Research  Pricing     In  Store  Via  Mobile   Shoppable  Video   WeChat   Payment  
  15. 15. 15   “Mass  produced  media     must  make  way     for  media     produced  by  the  masses”   -­‐  Futuretainment  by  Mike  Walsh  
  16. 16. 16   Futuretainment   •  Online  is  stealing  Kme  away  from  tradiKonal  TV   •  With  the  internet’s  targeKng  comes                               program  proliferaKon,  niche  content,  highly   targeted  audiences   •   Youtube  is  the  place  for  product  discovery   •  Youtube is the #2 search engine in the world.** •  15 billion Youtube beauty related video views in 2013. •  Sustained Growth: Youtube video consumptions has increased 800% in the last 6 years.*   *  Think  Insights  Study,  October  2013   **  Socialmouths  2013:  hhp://­‐in-­‐2013/   * Beauty-Industry-Brands-Study
  17. 17. 17   DemocraGzaGon  of  Entertainment   Vloggers  Rising!   Vine  &  Instagram   Indie  Programming   Self  Made  Stars   New  Placement   OpportuniKes   Ad  MicrotargeKng  
  18. 18. THE  AGE     OF  THE     INFLUENCER  
  19. 19. 19   Vlogger  Videos  More  Popular  Than  Brands’  
  20. 20. 20   Everyone  Influences  -­‐  UGC   Benefit  #Realsies  CompeKKon:  Over  11,000  Entries  
  21. 21. 21   Thank  you   QuesKons?     Just  ask!     Or,  talk  nerdy  to  me  @vhoecke.