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Kinship Social Media Command Center Expertise


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Building a Social Media Command Centre is a question of strategy and decision-making between the optimum balance of in-house and external resources.

KINSHIP owns, operates, consults, supplements and enhances Social Media Command Centers - our own and those of clients. Our business-focused methodology, combined with our understanding of social strategy and social technologies, ensures a managed outcome within time and budget for new entrants into social media monitoring.

We are also expert in establishing offshore Social Media Command Centres including strategy, design, recruiting, training and managing staff on behalf of clients. We sometimes do this as Build Own Transfer and other times as Build Own Operate for clients.

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Kinship Social Media Command Center Expertise

  1. 1. Social Media Command Center Strategy, Experience, Trends March 2015
  2. 2. 2 Contents Our Point of View Our Social Media Command Centre Experience Our Clients Additional Content • SMCC Roadmap • International Trends
  4. 4. SMCC Part of Digital Transformation Journey Being represented as a global and well integrated organisation on the internet via a single global social presence across the business Being promoted as a well integrated, global organisation via a consolidated digital presence that connects with customers and suppliers Social Media Command Centre Governance Program • Single strategy framework • Architecture, Technologies, and Analytics centrally implemented • Social assets governance • Integrated into operational processes • Process based execution • Managed content Online Reputation Management Cause Marketing Protect Promote Divisional Customer SupportConnect Connect staff, supply- chain, customers and their customers Organisational-wide customer support inclusive of C-level Targeted promotion Owned & Earned Marketing Crisis Management Proactive Protection Increase advocacy Integrated & consolidated transactional SCRM capability Incorporate Big Data into sales Establish Enhance Evolve Transact
  5. 5. 5 Our Social Media Command Centre Experience
  6. 6. We Operate Our Own For-Profit SMCC Global Customers 6
  7. 7. We Build SMCCs for Others BIDV Vice Manager of Retail Banking Department and SMCC Project Ms Lê Vũ Diễm Hằng (Ms Catty Hang) highlights the key reason KINSHIP outplaced other competitors to win this bid: “More than anything, we do believe that SMCC and social media is not about a fabulous and high-tech fad. Compared to other vendors who mostly focus on providing technology solutions, KINSHIP’s competency in strategic social media was seen as what we need for this very early stage.” 7
  8. 8. We Augment the SMCCs of Others 8 • Social Analytics Reports • Brand and Market Insights • Social Media Services to Partners • Engagement Centres & Pop-Ups • Special Purpose Monitoring – Crisis and Activism
  9. 9. We Provide Social Rallying Points & Pop-Ups 9 Gartner Symposium - Orlando
  10. 10. • We choose tools selectively • Keep abreast of developments • Use the tools actively Sole agents for: • Hootsuite (ANZ) • Zimbra (APAC) • Insideview (ANZ) • Mutualmind (ANZ) However we remain tool agnostic. We Are Expert in Social Technologies 10
  11. 11. We Have Robust Methodologies Building and Linking SMCC Strategy to the Business 1. Phase 1 Assessment & Discovery • Phase 1.1 Social Media Assessment • Phase 1.2 Discovery – Business Requirements 2. Phase 2 Functional Specification of SMCC 3. Phase 3 Technical Selection and SMCC Design 4. Phase 4 Implementation Plan 11 Phase 1 Assessment & Discovery Phase 2 Functional Specification Phase 3 Technical Selection & SMCC Design Phase 4 Implementation Plan
  12. 12. We Know How To Integrate Workflows Designing Workflows and Escalation Procedures 12
  13. 13. We Keep Abreast of Leading Analytics Social Personality Profile Index by IBM Watson In terms of content marketing, people with a higher self-transcendence value may exhibit an interest in reading articles about the environment, whereas people with a higher self- enhancement value may have an interest in reading articles about work. A customer making positive social mentions about the brand who scores high on modesty, openness, and friendliness may be more likely to spread information and be a reliable and credible brand ambassador.
  14. 14. KINSHIP clients include 14
  15. 15. About KINSHIP digital Being present in social and learning – social business intelligence. KINSHIP digital integrates the social media with the enterprise, focused on business strategy and leveraging strengths and cultures of specific social platforms to enhance brand engagement and value, and to improve the value exchange. • Our vision is that our clients should have the optimum social architecture to support their business objectives: • Flowing awareness, information & engagement bi-directionally; • Facilitating the most effective social footprint of their people; • Fully enabling social selling; • Optimally using the full value of social business intelligence; • Building brand value, brand resilience and brand equity. 15
  16. 16. Questions of us? +61 403 345 632 +61 487 151 269 @kinshipd 16
  17. 17. 17 Social Media Command Centre Roadmap
  18. 18. What is a Social Media Command Centre? A Command Center is a physical space where Companies coordinate to listen and engage their citizens or market in social channels to achieve business use cases in marketing engagement, customer care, risk management [crisis management / ORM], or operational efficiency of coordination and contact center deflection. Jeremiah Owyang Altimiter Group @jowyang @Michae1Green
  19. 19. SMCC Organisational Options 19
  20. 20. SMCC Roadmap - 4 to 6 years Stage 1 COMMUNITY Engage & Support Build Brand Presence Stage 2 STRATEGY Centre of Excellence Strong Internal Communities Stage 3 INSIGHT & ACTION Insights & Innovation Data Analytics 20 In our experience social technologies, and social media, and social data analytics evolve through the three stages above.
  21. 21. SM Monitoring Maturity Assessment Organisation scored on 8 elements The eight integrated elements reflect capability and culture: 1. Assess & Align 2. Prevent & Promote 3. Context & Culture 4. Organize & Oversee 5. Monitor & Measure 6. Engage & Resolve 7. Inform & Integrate 8. Detect & Discern 21
  22. 22. The Social Ecosystem Participating Listening, establishing reputation (I’m one of you) Managed Listening, supporting, building reputation, marketing Owned Listening, supporting, building relationships, collaborating External Communities Closed Network Internal Communities Example: customer communities Example: channels, members Example: Intranets, communities of practice Wikis
  23. 23. 23 International Trends in SMCC
  24. 24. Trends in SMCC International Practices The three biggest trends internationally in social media command centres are: 1. They are becoming more integrated with business units – more integrated into marketing, the contact centre, customer insights, product development and more employees are expecting to be able to interact with customers in social media and to use social media to attract and retain customers e.g. NAB 2. Teams are focusing on discovering content which is highly relevant to the brand and its audience and “amplifying” this content in social media e.g. finding content that really interests their customers and potential customers. 3. Advanced social data analytics and “cognitive intelligence” is being applied to social data and this is starting to be linked to internal customer insights and business intelligence data and new customer lead generation e.g. IBM Engagement Centre 24
  25. 25. 1. International Trends – NAB Business Customer Acquisition NAB uses social analysis as part of marketing to new business customers: • To demonstrate their understanding of the customer’s industry • To throw up some insights into the customer’s business • To give some insights which might surprise the customer • To demonstrate that NAB is innovative. Demand from NAB business bankers exceeds the current capacity of the NAB SMCC and they are outsourcing this to KINSHIP. 25
  26. 26. 2. Citi Social Media Marketing By promoting pop stars Citi amplified marketing message and earned new customers. By forming relationships with music artists and performing venues, Citi is able to offer its card members access to concert tickets via Facebook before they go on sale, which earns major social buzz—especially when they involve popular bands. Results 1. Improving brand reputation among target audience; 2. Amplification of brand messages; and 3. Acquisition of new customers. 26
  27. 27. 3. Future Evolution to Centre of Excellence As social media matures within an organisation and the SMCC matures they migrate to a Social Media Centre of Excellence: 1. The SMCC then focuses on operations and special projects. 2. Business functions and departments become social media capable. The CoE focuses on: • Overall company social media strategy • Standards and governance • Social media competence and adoption • Innovation • Technology and standards • Agency management and contracts. 27 X
  28. 28. STRATEGY & USE CASE DEFINITION EXECUTION MEASUREMENT Marketing&OrganisationalReadiness Training Policies Technology Content Plan SocialIntegration MeasurementFramework&Reporting Campaigns & Initiatives General Community Management Paid, Owned and Earned Media Customer Support Competitor, Market & Campaign Reporting Maturity Model (CMM) Benchmarking Customer Management Insights PR and Corporate Communications (ORM) Customer Support Marketing & Product/Service Operations Ecosystem (Partners, Influencers Industry) Engagement Digital Media Center of Excellence Repeatable Framework for Use Cases Sales and Revenue Generation The Social Media Centre of Excellence Training, Policies, Technology, Content Plan, Culture
  29. 29. Quick “1-Click” Social Rallying Points 29