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Intro to Concur Presentation


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Intro to Concur Presentation

  1. 1. Concur is now part of SAP
  2. 2. The Concur Solution: A revolutionary way to manage spending and foster innovation.
  3. 3. We work too hard doing things that don’t get the job done.
  4. 4. focus on what matters most. At Concur, we think about the way the world should work to help you
  5. 5. So, how should the world work?
  6. 6. Connected
  7. 7. A connected solution. • Capture spending wherever it happens. • Combine travel, expense and invoice data. • Integrate with existing business systems. • Adapt and scale as your organization grows.
  8. 8. Capture spending— wherever and whenever it happens.
  9. 9. An integrated solution. Expense Travel Invoice
  10. 10. It works with what you have. Expense Travel Invoice
  11. 11. Expense Travel Invoice An ecosystem of app partners. Risk and compliance Meetings & events Spend optimization Industry solutions Tax management Traveler experience
  12. 12. Transparent
  13. 13. Transparency into spend. • Get total visibility. • Identify trends in time to take action. • Manage, plan and forecast more accurately. • Stop bad spending decisions before they happen.
  14. 14. Effortless
  15. 15. An effortless experience. • Improve productivity of your entire team. • Increase compliance while reducing risk. • Get more accurate and timely spend information. • Improve efficiency of accounts payable.
  16. 16. Concur customers. All data, January 2015 Concur Mobile ~3.5M users TripIt ~11M users Travel ~18,750 clients Expense ~16,500 clients
  17. 17. A typical day at Concur. 850K Users log into Concur 300K Expense reports processed 120K Trips booked 170M Trips & expense reports warehoused 85M USD sent to banks
  18. 18. Manage spending wherever and whenever it happens. Improve spending decisions. Increase savings. Decrease risk. Improve employee satisfaction. Future-proof your investment.
  19. 19. Effortless Connected Transparent