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12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying


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Studying is no fun, but everyone has to do it at some point in their life. Whether you are cramming for a test, the bar or a work project you need to spice things up. We put together 12 unconventional hacks that will help you improve your study skills.

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12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying

  1. STUDYING 12 HACKS that will improve your
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  4. SCENT 1 Spray an while you’re studying unfamiliar scent The scent will jog your memory and again right as you’re about to TAKE the TEST tweet this
  5. tweet this GUM 2 A weird or different of gumFLAVOR works the same way as an unfamiliar scent.
  6. tweet this NOTES 3 Before taking a test all the relevant information WRITE down on an index card you can think of as if it were a piece of paper you were allowed to It’s an extra writing exercise to help you remember the important things. It’ll also serve as a nice review when it comes time for exams. bring with you.
  7. tweet this When listening to ofhours recorded LECTURES backgroundinstrumental MUSICput on to help you focus through the boredom. Try Sigur Ros, Tycho, or Autechre. MUSIC 4
  8. tweet this Leave yourself a bear reading gummy when FOOD TRAIL 5
  9. tweet this Write down all of your beginning TEST formulas at the of the MEMORY 6
  10. tweet this SPEED 7 When for time,crunched double speedLISTEN to recorded lectures at x2
  11. tweet this FONTS 8 When studying, when possible fonts like Arial.easy-to-read AVOID Research has shown that large, easy-to-read fonts are likely to be skimmed over. Information presented in a more is more likely to be retained. challenging FONT Aa Aa
  12. tweet this DISCIPLINE 9 Use a program to distracting sitesBLOCK time computeron your for a set period of !
  13. DOCUMENTARY 10 For history and anthropology classes on the WATCH a documentary TOPIC tweet this
  14. SAMPLE TEST 11 Google to find exams on the same “site:edu [subject] exam” TOPICS tweet this
  15. COLOR CODING 12 Takes using differentnotes pensCOLORED tweet this
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