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Lean Leadership - Part 1 of 3 Webinars


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Over the 16 years that we've been providing support to organizations at nearly every stage of the Lean journey, leadership has consistently emerged as the single most important determinant of success. Those organizations with deep leadership engagement soar, while those who don't fail to experience significant transformation.

In this first of three webinars, Karen shares the perspective and content that she and her team use when working with executives and senior leadership teams within the firm's clients.

She review the system of Lean principles, management practices, and tools, and then focuses on 6 of the topics leaders most commonly misunderstand or are unaware of:

1. Three of the core values that underlie Lean management
2. Key performance indicators
3. Visual management
4. Work standardization
5. Go and see (Gemba) management
6. The one environmental "don't" that destroys all Lean effort

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