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IT Proposal


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IT Proposal

  1. 1. IT Solutions and Service Provider Co. Network Design and Implementation Service. Head office: 13,yousef El Gendy st, Bab El Louk T: 01090016331
  2. 2. To be Egypt’s Premiere Innovative Communications & Information Technology Solutions provider . Changing the culture of using Technology from being and End to a MEAN. Vision Mission
  3. 3. Whether you are planning a network for small or large scale business , iplus is able to provide a comprehensive, efficient design that will help you increase employee Productivity and provide network support solutions throughout the lifecycle of network.
  4. 4. Life-Cycle of Networks
  5. 5. NETWORKING SERVICES System & Network Design and Implementation. Network and Support Administration. System Upgrades and Integration. Cabling infrastructure. Switching. Wireless. Voice over IP. Network management. Network security. Storage network. Off-site backup - Disaster Recovery. On-site or Remote Technical Support. On-site or Remote Technical Support.
  6. 6. Network Design Methodology Identify Customer Requirements Design Topology Characterize the Existing Network Build a Pilot Network Plan the Implementation Implement the Design & Monitor its Use Document the Design
  7. 7. Full Design
  8. 8. Fundamental Design Goals Availability SecurityScalability
  9. 9. NETWORKING SERVICES LAN equipment. Security equipment. Security systems. Cabling. Racking. UPS. Servers, PCs, laptops, printers, attendance machines, etc... Software (antivirus, firewalls, operating system, etc.…) Security cameras and NVR or DVR systems.
  10. 10. and help IT departments to connect , communicate and collaborate to achieve their major goals in high level of security ,ITSM (IT service management) and transformation . Our Partners
  11. 11. Uniquely capture all local and network activities in real-time at all your endpoints and transform end-user data into actionable analytics ENDPOINT. Identify compliance gaps much faster and empower decision-makers to respond to external and internal threats with anomaly and behavior analytics. Our Partners
  12. 12. Operations See the real user experience. Measure the impact of changes. Apply proactive remediation. Accelerate problem resolution. Optimize assets and costs.
  13. 13. Compliance and Audit. SECURITY USE CASES Insider Threat Management Risk Management. Event Management (SOC). Threat detection and response.
  14. 14. Nexthink Engine
  15. 15. Nexthink Engine
  16. 16. Nexthink Engine
  17. 17. MAPS our office Cairo
  18. 18. Thanks! Our Clients