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How to become a killer corporate blogger


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Blogging isn’t as easy at it seems. Especially if you do it for your company. With this guide, you will become a killer corporate blogger in no time. The guide includes the 10 most important things that you should consider when you start to transform your expertise in to a blog post.

The list consists tips on
1. The topic
2. The different blog post types
3. The headline
4. The first paragraph
5. The body
6. Links
7. The end
8. The length
9. The CTA’s
10. The publishing
Plus a reminder to share your blog post.

Dig in a learn how to create a brilliant blog post so that you can shine. Once you know what you are doing, it isn’t that hard.

Enjoy. (And if you do, please share this Slideshare.)

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How to become a killer corporate blogger

  1. KILLER Become a corporate blogger @karlfiltness
  2. @karlfiltness But wait am I reading this? WHY
  3. Probably because your boss you to blog “asked” @karlfiltness
  4. Or you might just want to show the world how awesomeyou are @karlfiltness
  5. Whatever the reason, blogging is a vital part of modern marketing @karlfiltness
  6. 15 blog posts 1200 new leads Brands that create per month average per monthTweet this Click here for more stats @karlfiltness
  8. TOPICThe starting point @karlfiltness 1
  9. @karlfiltness Write about topics that you are an expert oR you are interested in. If you don’t know what to write about, ask marketing. If they don’t know, be scared. BE VERY SCARED!
  10. Focus on onE If you are writing about how to improve SEO, don’t mix tips about improving CRO. TOPICper blog posT @karlfiltness
  11. @karlfiltness Ask yourself these questions: Pick one person you are writing to. Who am I targeting? Why will they love this? Why would they share it?
  12. TYPESThe style @karlfiltness 2
  13. @karlfiltness Try these easy approaches: How to… Personal blog 6 tips… (listpost) Trip/conference report
  14. @karlfiltness Are you a Irony Satire Screw-ups Storytelling Opinion leader Blogging Rockstar? Try something harder:
  15. @karlfiltness Want your post to get 11,1 % of blog posts that are shared over a 1000 times are list posts shared? Tweet this Source: OkDork
  16. HEADLINE To click or not to click @karlfiltness 3
  17. @karlfiltness The headline determines if anyone will click and open the blog post It’s really important!
  18. @karlfiltness people will read your headline. 8/10 2/10will read the rest of what you wrote. Tweet this Source: CopyBlogger
  19. The blog post has to be about the It guides your writing process. When it’s a wrap, read it through and see if something better has emerged. headlineStart with the headline, end with the headline @karlfiltness
  20. FIRST PARAGRAPH Should I stay or should I go? @karlfiltness 4
  21. @karlfiltness Now someone has clicked on your masterpiece. The first couple of lines are crucial. This is the Will the reader commit and continue reading? It is the first impression – it has to pack a punch. moment of truth
  22. @karlfiltness Use a include an interesting fact, BOLD STATEMENT, make an offer that cannot be refused.
  23. BODYThe bread and butter @karlfiltness 5
  24. @karlfiltness On the average Web page, users have time to read only 20-28 % of the words Scannability is a must! Tweet this Source: NNGroup
  25. @karlfiltness • Use lists • Bold keypoints • Add a picture Use subheads break down the content to snackable portions The reader will know what lies ahead and they can look for something interesting to start reading.
  26. @karlfiltness If you start to write extremely long sentences and paragraphs, reading the text of a tiny screen is very hard and it is difficult to focus on what you really want to say, because so much is going on and this doesn’t provide a good experience, thus the reader will get bored and stop reading your complex and rambling text, so it is highly recommended to keep the sentences short and sweet for improved readability. Keep sentences short!
  27. @karlfiltness Be interesting, be yourself, show your personality, add emotion. Emotion = Attention
  28. @karlfiltness In an opinion post, you don’t have to cover every angle. A blog post that makes everyone feel included is boring. You probably should try to create conversation. You shouldn't use conditional and it maybe smart to try to avoid words like perhaps, try and maybe. TAKE A STANCE!
  29. @karlfiltness Use them as an ongoing theme. If you use hole-in-one in the first paragraph, don’t end with a slam dunk. PRO TIP: Consistent Metaphors that’s a red card
  30. LINKSLook! Whats over there? @karlfiltness 6
  31. @karlfiltness Links are They elaborate, they provide more information, they show that you read and research. VALUABLE
  32. @karlfiltness But if they’re only links to your own content, it may look dodgy. Credit others too. Links to relevant own content are great. This is important to keep people in the limbo of your domain
  33. THE END My beautiful friend @karlfiltness 7
  34. @karlfiltness That’s why you can’t end with a list. The last paragraph must boil downeverything you want to say. It has to be a definitive end.
  35. @karlfiltness Wrap it up and end on a And remember: No cheesy pseudo questions to try to milk comments Be positive and leave the reader with a fuzzy feeling. high note! 𝄞
  36. LENGTH How much is enough? @karlfiltness 8
  37. @karlfiltness this is Short and snappy or long and thoughtful? TRICKY
  38. @karlfiltness Scannability and readers are great arguments towards shorter blog posts. However…
  39. @karlfiltness …research shows that blog posts with over get more shares. Much more. And the longer the post, the more traffic you’ll get from SEO because of a ton of keywords and link-backs. Tweet this Source: QuickSprout 1500 words
  40. @karlfiltness The text has to have meaning and it has to be relevant. All in all, the best length is the one that you feel most comfortable with – what fits your style & audience
  41. CTA’sWhat should I do? @karlfiltness 9
  42. @karlfiltness Your blog post must have a meaning. A validation to exist. It has to be after something. A blog without a CTAis a waste It is the staple of inbound and permission marketing.
  43. @karlfiltness Some of CTA’s most famous Academy Award winning quotes are: add sharability with “Buy now” “Read more” “Sign me up” “Order today” “Download now” Tweet this , Also a CTA
  44. The adolescent life @karlfiltness PRESS ENTER? 10
  45. @karlfiltness After creating the luscious piece of art that has become your newfound , stop and read it again. Is it interesting? Is this something that you would read? Would you share it, if it wasn’t your baby? Be honest with yourself:
  47. @karlfiltness Be kind on yourself. Practice makes perfect blogging is tough Remember
  48. Spread the word @karlfiltness EPILOGUE Bonus tip
  49. @karlfiltness After the hard work, be proud!Share the masterpiece Share it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.