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Seven Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

Every one of us marketers is a dirty sinner. Most of us are only committing little white sins, but some are hardcore deadly sinners. Now that content marketing has become so popular, the amount of lost souls is rising.

This doesn’t have to be the case. This Slideshare is a guide on how to avoid the worst sins in content marketing. The majority of the offences emerge from PRIDE so we start are journey there.

Dive in to this Slideshare, not in to purgatory. Remember to share this to fellow marketers – we don’t need any more causalities and lost souls.

Seven Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

  2. DIRTY SINNER Every one of us marketers is a Source: Gallup Marketers are one of the least likeable professionals – barely beating car sellers, but trailing lawyers and bankers. PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  3. Lets plunge in with the worst of the bunch. The original and most serious of the deadly sins. PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY PURGATORY There is still hope and all marketers can avoid if we don’t commit the cardinal sins of content marketing. THE SIN THAT IS THE SOURCE OF THE OTHERS @karlfiltness
  5. Believing that you are essentially better than others, failing to acknowledge the accomplishments of others and excessive admiration of yourself. noun ˈprīd SIN DEFINITION: PRIDE PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  6. Content marketing is all about focusing on the customer. Content must be informative, aiding, problem solving, entertaining, valuable and relevant to the audience. PRIDE PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  7. If it’s only me, me, me, you cannot connect with others. Engagement is crucial in content marketing. Talk more about others and you’ll be able to establish an emotional connection. PRIDE PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  8. 1 000 000 Based on nearly the most shared blog posts contain the words “you” or “your” and promise the readers something. HEADLINES PRIDE PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness Source: OkDork
  10. An intense and uncontrolled desire. noun ˈləst SIN DEFINITION: PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY LUST @karlfiltness
  11. A content marketer’s common cardinal sin is focusing too much on vanity metrics. They stroke the ego, but don’t thrust the business forward. It is easy to focus on more and more followers and likes and disregard the fact who really are your key customers. LUST PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  12. Don’t alienate your core fans in the name of fame. Create content that supports your business and not your own agenda. Focus on the numbers that count: revenue, customers, ROI, leads and conversion rates. LUST PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  13. 12 x LUST PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY Marketers that track inbound ROI are more likely to see ROI increase! Source: Hubspot@karlfiltness
  15. The overindulgence and overconsumption of anything to the point of waste. nounˈglət-nē, ˈglə-tə-nē SIN DEFINITION: GLUTTONY PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  16. Let’s face it, there is a lot of content swirling around the abysslike interwebs. It’s sad to say that most of it is worthless. A mindset transformation is needed: THINK ABOUT QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. GLUTTONY PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  17. Content itself doesn’t add value, the key is relevant content. Aim to build a relationship with your audience, solve their problems and answer their Google searches. Read the amazing Neil Patel’s great guide on creating better blog posts. NEED HELP? GLUTTONY PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  18. 70 % Up to of content is never used. Not even your own employees feel that the content is relevant: GLUTTONY PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness Source: Sirius Decisions
  20. Spiritual and physical laziness. noun ˈslȯth, ˈslōth SIN DEFINITION: SLOTH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  21. Once you have tackled the gluttony sin and started to create quality content, your next hurdle is not falling in to the pit of sloth. Content marketing has to be consistent and you have to publish regularly. SLOTH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  22. You must be realistic about your goals, but at the same time keep the bar high. Create a publishing calendar, give your audience a promise, commit to the cause – do whatever it takes. Just keep the content rolling. SLOTH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  23. 82 % Your efforts will pay off: of marketers who blog DAILY say they acquire customers from their blog. SLOTH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness Source: Jones PR
  24. 57 % If that is too much: of marketers who blog MONTHLY say they acquire customers from their blog. SLOTH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness Source: Jones PR
  26. An inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs. noun ˈgrēd SIN DEFINITION: GREED PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  27. The modern marketing landscape is filled with different channels. There are so many that even the sun can get blocked in the horizon. A greedy marketer jumps at everything that is shiny and they are always aboard the current fad train on a journey to permanent darkness. GREED PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  28. You have to prioritise and use your resources to create compelling content and engage with your clients. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick the most effective platforms that work for you and your customers. And remember: GREED IS NOT GOOD. GREED PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  29. The most effective social platforms according to marketers are: GREED PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY 55%63% 48% LINKEDIN TWITTER YOUTUBE @karlfiltness Source: CMI
  31. Inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. noun ˈrath, ˈrȯth SIN DEFINITION: WRATH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  32. Never create content with wrath in your heart. Keep the content positive and avoid negativity. If you want to address something controversial, wait for your passion to cool down a bit before you publish. WRATH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  33. Don’t think about the problem or criticism, think about the solution. You are the stickler solver, not the fluster facilitator. If something is stated falsely or you don’t agree with an opinion, don’t bash it – offer an alternative. And do it with positive sentiment and tone. WRATH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  34. of the top 10 000 most shared articles across the web included positive emotions (awe, laughter and amusement). 57 % WRATH PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness Source: Huffington Post
  35. 7 %contained negative emotions. WRATH Only PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness Source: Huffington Post
  37. Discontent and desire towards someone's traits, status, abilities or rewards. noun ˈen-vē SIN DEFINITION: ENVY PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  38. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. Don’t replicate what your competitors do. Concentrate on your own content marketing. Is your competitor big on Facebook? Beat them on Twitter. Out smart them and out love them. Use your uniqueness to shine and stand out. ENVY PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  39. You only have to understand the needs of your audience and how you can help them achieve their goals. Use your precious little brain and zap unbelievably convincing and appealing content out of thin air. ENVY PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY@karlfiltness
  40. ENVY PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY 82 %of marketers are struggling at creating more engaging high quality content. So no need to be envious. You are hardly alone! @karlfiltness Source: CMI
  42. PRIDE Now you have all of the tools to avoid committing the deadly sins and you can become the target of ENVY and LUST. You might even trigger the occasional seizure of WRATH. PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY But whatever the outcome never let enter your mind or heart. @karlfiltness
  43. PRESSSHARE If this helped banish your sins KARL FILTNESS PRIDELUSTGLUTTONYSLOTHGREEDWRATHENVY We must save the souls of other marketers too! TOP 100 content marketing influencer 2015. Getting my paycheque as a content munching and data crunching Content Manager at Descom. Icons made by Freepik@karlfiltness