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Champions in Microsoft Teams User Adoption case story Kettukari CollabDays MUCVIE Winter across the alps 4.12.2020


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Champions in Microsoft Teams User Adoption: a (success) case story / Karoliina Kettukari / CollabDays MUCVIE Winter across the alps / 4.12.2020

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Champions in Microsoft Teams User Adoption case story Kettukari CollabDays MUCVIE Winter across the alps 4.12.2020

  1. 1. Champions in Teams User Adoption: a (success) case story Karoliina Kettukari Queen of Teams User Adoption Modern Work Lead @ Meltlake Microsoft MVP @kettukari
  2. 2. Our Sponsors – Thank you!
  3. 3. WHO ARE THE CHAMPIONS? Champions Community Change agents Peer support @kettukari
  4. 4. CUSTOMER CASE: CITY OF HELSINKI • Capital of Finland • Population: 650 000 Culture and Leisure section • Libraries, Museums, City orchestra, City sports facilities, Youth Work • 2000 employees all around the city Very strong digital strategy • The most functional city in the world @kettukari
  5. 5. FROM STRATEGY TO ACTION IT HR Manage- ment @kettukari
  6. 6. YEAR OF THE CHAMPIONS 2019 January First search round – 60 champions! February Champions network Kick off March - November 19 trainings, Teams calls and workshops for the Champions September - December Champions facilitated 20 modern knowledge work workshops in their teams and units December End of the year celebration Planning for the next year @kettukari
  7. 7. GATHERING YOUR CHAMPIONS How many? Where? ? ! Nominations or volunteers? @kettukari
  8. 8. WHAT IS REQUIRED FROM A CHAMPION A good change agent is willing and eager to… NOT required: superb IT skills Develop teamwork Help others Share information @kettukari
  9. 9. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME AS A CHAMPION? Specific trainings & Deeper knowledge Network inside and across your own team and unit Grow as an expert in modern knowledge work @kettukari
  10. 10. TRAINING THE CHAMPIONS Get everyone on the same technical baseline Dive deeper with purpose first • Better Meetings (Teams, OneNote) • Team task management (Planner) • Easy questionnaires with Forms • Managing personal work with OneDrive, OneNote and To Do • Power Platform: Solutions for intelligent work @kettukari
  11. 11. ”Controlling your notifications (in Teams) is the key to control your information overflow. Everyone must go through the notification settings themselves.” << << @kettukari
  12. 12. SUPPORTING THE CHAMPIONS 1on1 with supervisors @kettukari
  13. 13. ”Open support calls and info sessions via Teams have been golden. Also open support group for everyone in Teams has been important.” << << @kettukari
  14. 14. SUPPORT GROUP General Information about trainings, new features etc… Tip: schedule trainings as channel meetings! Ask Me Anything Open place for questions and answers Best Practices Dedicated channel for best teamwork and meeting practices Change Agents Use a private channel or a separate team for your champions network @kettukari
  15. 15. MODERN KNOWLEDGE WORK WORKSHOPS Champion driven - Train the trainer model • Workshop design • Workshop facilitation • Follow ups & Best practices • Goal: agreement on teamwork rules @kettukari
  16. 16. ”It was important to create playbook for our team. We sat down together and agreed how we are going to work together in Teams: how mentions, reactions etc. are used.” << << @kettukari
  17. 17. CHAMPIONS IN ACTION Within their own interests and skills Peer support live & online Communications, sharing information Developing teamwork and collaboration @kettukari
  18. 18. CHAMPIONS IN ACTION @kettukari
  19. 19. ”Discuss with your supervisor about time usage. Reserve time in your calendar for trainings and support.” << << @kettukari
  20. 20. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Automatising the search of the champions with Power Automate Developing the city-wide champions network @kettukari
  21. 21. HOW TO OVERCOME COMMON CHALLENGES WHEN LAUNCHING A CHAMPIONS NETWORK Initial enthusiasm slowly fades away Find an active owner for the network Do a yearly action plan Managers become changeblockers (IT) skills vary a lot Calculate time management and ROI Ensure support from supervisors Get everyone on the same base level Be present: offer lots of online or live support @kettukari
  22. 22. ”At first I was worried if I have enough of time for champion duties alongside my normal work. But actually Teams has made our jobs easier and given more time to our workdays.” << << @kettukari
  23. 23. Thank you @kettukari ❤