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9 Major Types of Advertisements

Describes the major types of advertisements that we usually encounter in our daily lives.

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9 Major Types of Advertisements

  1. 1. 9 Major Types of Advertisemen ts
  2. 2. Brand Advertising • is the most common type of advertising which promotes the brand to its target market and aims to have a long term identity and image in the minds of the consumers.
  3. 3. Direct-Response Advertising • a direct way of advertising to the target consumers through the use of mail, telephone, e-mail or text message.
  4. 4. Business-to-Business Advertising • a type of advertising that focuses on a specific niche in the business industry (retailers, wholesalers, distributors etc.)
  5. 5. Retail or Local Advertising • done by local stores that endorse where the products or services are available.
  6. 6. Institutional Advertising • focused on establishing an image or identity of a company into the minds of the audience.
  7. 7. Public Service Advertising • advertisements for bringing awareness to the public for a good cause or to prevent bad situations from happening.
  8. 8. Political Advertising • a form of advertising that promotes politicians.
  9. 9. Interactive Advertising • advertisements on web pages or digital media.
  10. 10. Directory Advertising • shows a list of companies, products or services together with their addresses and contact information. (Most popular example: Yellow Pages)
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