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Art and Fashion

Humanities Report. Talks about how Fashion and Art is related.
(I do not own any photo, idea, and information in the Presentation)

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Art and Fashion

  1. 1. Art and Fashion
  2. 2. Fashion• Is a prevailing custom or style; aprevailing style during aparticular time.• A garment in such a style.• The social standing orprominence especially assignalized by dress or conduct.
  3. 3. Fashion is an Art• It requires skill• Imagination is used• Creativity can be seen• It is a man-made thing
  5. 5. MODERN
  6. 6. The Vigan Gown-Made by Tippi Ocampo-Inspired by the lacy wrought-iron grillwork often found inPhilippine colonial houses inVigan, the very first gowndesigned by Tippi Ocampo,used copper-wire fashionedinto curly-cues as beadwork,along with hundreds ofminiscule black hook-and-eyes which allowed the gownto be taken apart andtransformed into differentstyles.
  7. 7. The Trapo Gown- By Tippi Ocampo- This “trapo” gownwas inspired by therags found in marketsthat were pieced &sewn together fromscraps of variousfabrics.
  8. 8. PAST
  9. 9. Filipiniana GownDesignMalou Castillejosloves working onnatural fabrics whichinclude thePhilippines’ pinafabric, banana silkfibers, silk cocoon andother organic fabricscarefully handwovenby our country’s nativeweavers from Aklan,Lumban, Ilocos,Palawan, and Ifugao.
  10. 10. Filipiniana WeddingGownby Malou Castillejos
  12. 12. PAST
  13. 13. EmpressElisabeth ofAustriaEmpress Elisabethof Austria paintedin a gown designedby CharlesFrederick Worthfor her coronationas Queen ofHungary in 1867.
  14. 14. EmpressElisabeth ofAustriaDress designedby CharlesFrederickWorth forElisabeth ofAustria paintedby Franz XaverWinterhalter.
  15. 15. Another Dress byCharles FrederickWorth.
  16. 16. A black dresswith swingingarm tassels byPaul Poiret.
  17. 17. A Paul Poiretwomenschecked suit,1914.
  18. 18. MODERN
  19. 19. At the John GallianoSpring 2009collection held at therunways of Paris. Thedoll-ish hair andmakeup of the modelsdid not distract fromthe fact that theclothes are the centerof attention here.
  20. 20. AnotherExample of JohnGalliano’s Spring2009 Collection
  21. 21. by: Donna Karan “Return to Black” CollectionThe fall 2010 Donna Karan Collection, which she calls Forever Black, addstexture as the new dimension to her sculpted tailoring and drapeddresses which continue to begin with a simple foundation piece and buildfrom there.
  22. 22. Thank You!