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Letter from Coach - Katelyn McFadden


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Letter from Coach - Katelyn McFadden

  1. 1. January 25, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: I highly recommend Katelyn McFadden for an internship position atyour company. As a high level Division I student-athlete, Katelyn understands the meaning of team work, discipline,and givingher best every day. She is a leader on the Loyola Women’s Soccer Team with her tremendous work rate and her ability to consistently finish at the top on every fitness activity we do. The values of excellence, balance,competition, acceptance, responsibility, and accountability areatthe core of what Katelyn exhibits on a daily basis. Thesetraits translatevery well to the business world,and Katelyn will excel athigh levels in the next chapter of her life. Katelyn is a wonderful person who is adored by her teammates. Whilesheknows how to compete in practice againsther teammates, she also knows that when it is game time, our team is justthat—a team--and she is the type of person who will go above and beyond for any one of her teammates. She has a grea t personality and is a shininglightin our locker room. I am so thrilled thatKatelyn is a partof this team. She is a pleasureto coach and a special player who I would always chooseto go to battle with sincesheis such a fierce competitor and loyal teammate. I know that if you give her an opportunity to work for your company, you will quickly recognizethe same. Again, I highly recommend Katelyn McFadden for an Internship position. Thank you for your consideration, Katherine Vettori Head Women’s Soccer Coach