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My Catholic Charade- A Presentation on a Series of Personal Essays

A presentation for my writing project which consists of a series of personal, narrative essays detailing my unique religious experience: being raised and confirmed Protestant, then being told to convert to Catholicism by my family, and being confirmed in that church. The results of the heterogamous, religious parenthood are similar to what a variety of studies show: the secularization of the child. The essays are observational, reflective, and are structured chronologically and sacramentally; i.e., they are ordered thus: Baptism, Reconciliation (Conversion), Reconciliation (Confession), Confirmation (CCD), Confirmation (Confirmation Retreat), Confirmation (Ceremony), and there is an afterword on Matrimony.

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My Catholic Charade- A Presentation on a Series of Personal Essays

  1. 1. My Catholic Charade
  2. 2. About My Project • Narrative personal essays • Spirituality/self-discovery • Reflective • Not meant to be offensive
  3. 3. Project Development • Structure of Essays- Chronological vs. Sacramental- a compromise • Voice and Perspective- myself then vs. now • Research Placement- what do I do with this stuff I looked up?
  4. 4. Project Issues/Problems • Memory- very good at blocking • Timeline- how many essays and where? • Offensive- Where is that line based on observation?
  5. 5. Project Progress • Currently have 16 pages written • Essays up to first Mass • Still missing essays on CCD, Confirmation Retreat, Confirmation, and the afterword on Matrimony • How long will this be? I don’t know.
  6. 6. Reading an Excerpt An excerpt from the essay on Confession Titled “Forgive Me Father, for I Have Sinned”