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CPA Success Simplified

CPA Success Simplified is a beginners guide to Cost-Per-Action Marketing. It will teach you how to make money online without selling anything!

This short report will Quickly Introduce You, and Completely Seduce You into CPA Marketing!

It is Short for a reason. Why don't you find out WHY?

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CPA Success Simplified

  1. 1. SIMPLIFIED This Is A Beginner’s Guide To Cost-Per-Action Success
  3. 3. CPA does not stand for Certified Public Accountant (at least not in the instance). CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action. As you become successful with this method of marketing you may just want to keep the other kind of CPA on call to help you do your taxes. CPA MARKETING BASICS
  4. 4. With Regular Affiliate Marketing, your site visitor actually has to buy the product in order for you to get paid. The beauty of CPA Marketing is that while sales conversions do apply in some cases, your visitor usually has to take a much lesser action in order for you to get paid. CPA MARKETING BASICS (Continued) Get The Free Videos!
  5. 5. A person generally has to perform one of the following: 1. Simply click a link 2. Provide a zip code 3. Provide an email address 4. Provide a name and email address CPA MARKETING BASICS (Continued)
  7. 7. Simply Click A Link CPA MARKETING EXAMPLES
  8. 8. Provide A Zip Code CPA MARKETING EXAMPLES (Continued)
  9. 9. Provide An Email Address CPA MARKETING EXAMPLES (Continued)
  10. 10. CPA MARKETING BASICS (Continued) Provide A Name & An Email Address Win This Dream Machine, By Entering Your Details Below!
  12. 12. These days, Internet Security is at the forefront of most peoples’ thinking. Most internet users no longer trust advertising as they once did, especially in light of all the shady offers and complete scams out there. So, how do you get your site visitor to part with their jealously guarded information? How To Build Trust Get The Free Videos!
  13. 13. How To Build Trust (Continued) You must provide them with an enticing reason! one they can’t resist. You must let them clearly see that the benefit of giving up their email address or zip code is five times greater than not. (And part of this involves getting them to trust you.) It should feel totally natural to them, like it’s the next logical step! -The Only Logical Next Step-
  14. 14. How To Build Trust (Continued) Now That you have made the offer so good that it is worth the risk of trusting you… You Must Deliver On What You Have Promised! In Fact, You Must Over-Deliver! This is how your Free Offer can go VIRAL! But If You Under-Deliver, Fail To Do What You Promised… You Will Be Looked Upon Like A Scam Artist Who Cannot, And Should Not Be Trusted!
  15. 15. Get The Free Videos! How To Build Trust (Continued) So, What Kind Of Marketer Are You Going To Be? Scam Artist Internet Marketer Under-Deliver, Or Don’t! Over-Deliver! Fake It Till I Make It! First Learn, Then Teach It! Lie To People To Get Money! Be Truthful & Keep My Promises! Just Sell Stuff! Anything! Only Sell Solutions To Problems! I Will Never Stop Emailing You! Let People Opt-Out Anytime! Do Anything To Make Money! Solve Problems To Make Money! Or
  17. 17. Types Of CPA Offers
  18. 18. Types Of CPA Offers (Continued) You can get involved in CPA Marketing through several different types of offers. As you begin Testing The Waters with CPA marketing you may find that you feel really uncomfortable with certain offers and perfectly happy with others. You Should Only Get Behind Offers You Feel 100% Comfortable With!
  20. 20. CPA Networks You Can Trust! The first thing you should realize is that there are a lot of shady companies out there. And you don’t want to work hard to gain someone’s trust just to send them to such a company. Part Of You Job As An Internet Marketer Is Looking Out For Your Customers.
  21. 21. CPA Networks You Can Trust! (Continued) One way to protect yourself, and your prospect, is to join a reputable CPA network. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what benefits each one offers, until you’ve signed up and tried them out. 3 highly reputable companies to start with are: 1. MaxBounty 2. PeerFly 3. ClickBooth Get The Free Videos!
  22. 22. Wait! Don’t Get Started Without Checking Out This Free Offer Below! We Really Want You To Succeed With CPA!