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UX of Ethics - Big Design 2018

Providing a memorable user experience demands skill, consistency, an attentive interest in the end user, and often a large dose of creative ingenuity to pull it all off. Creativity fuels innovation, solves complex problems, and can help our jobs feel less like work. By ignoring boundaries the creative mind leaves restraint behind and finds new and important ways to accomplish goals – all for the alleged benefit of the user. When we’re all so busy making things better, who has time for things like ethical considerations?

Ethics, however, serve an important purpose by providing a critical framework for successful group interactions. In the field of UX our impact on the world is growing ever larger and as it does our actions have further reaching consequences. Can you apply good ethical practices without compromising your creative intent? You can. Let’s start by doing better.

UX of Ethics - Big Design 2018

  1. 1. Kelly MoranBig Design Sept. 21, 2018 @Kel_Moran
  2. 2. 2016 Zzzzz…
  3. 3. … … a set of studies,a set of studies, — @Kel_Moran
  4. 4. … … — @Kel_Moran
  5. 5. @Kel_Moran
  6. 6. @Kel_Moran
  8. 8. QUESTION: When you're working in a creative capacity, do ethics ever get in the way? @Kel_Moran
  9. 9. QUESTION: Are they ever not relevant? @Kel_Moran
  10. 10. REAL-LIFE SCENARIOS @Kel_Moran
  11. 11. QUESTION: Are ethics and creativity in conflict? @Kel_Moran
  12. 12. QUESTION: What is creativity? @Kel_Moran
  13. 13. (Gosh, thank you @Kel_Moran
  14. 14. @Kel_Moran
  15. 15. @Kel_Moran
  16. 16. QUESTION: What are ethics? @Kel_Moran
  17. 17. - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy @Kel_Moran
  18. 18. They’re more what you’d call guidelines. @Kel_Moran
  19. 19. There appears to be some tension, in that creativity eschews the traditional and upholds the innovative, while ethics, often, leans toward something we might describe as established; set. @Kel_Moran
  20. 20. Creativity is also often a disruptor, while ethics are an upholder - so to have the perfect forms of each in one person without conflict would seem impossible. @Kel_Moran
  21. 21. QUESTION: Are creativity and ethics in perpetual conflict? @Kel_Moran
  22. 22. Better @Kel_Moran
  23. 23. @Kel_Moran
  24. 24. Create something Create change Create a difference Have an impact
  25. 25. Create change Create a difference Have an impact
  26. 26. Create a difference Have an impact
  27. 27. Have an impact
  28. 28. …to make the world gentler, more beautiful, or more thoughtful. @Kel_Moran
  29. 29. Better @Kel_Moran
  30. 30. QUESTION: What responsibility does creativity have to the matter of ethics? @Kel_Moran
  31. 31. @Kel_Moran
  32. 32. “The production of art, its role in public conversation, 
 its preservation, and its presentation, all 
 provoke us to confront ethical challenges…”
 “We are committed to inspiring innovative thought 
 by using creative expression to elevate moral discourse; bringing together communities 
 while prompting ethical dialogue between students, artists, scholars, and the general public.”
 — Emory University Center for Ethics as part of their Ethics & the Arts Initiative. @Kel_Moran
  33. 33. … — @Kel_Moran
  34. 34. @Kel_Moran
  35. 35. I’m betting on you.Better @Kel_Moran
  36. 36. My thanks to Daniel Sanchez for his detailed attention to this slide deck
  37. 37. @Kel_Moran
  38. 38. @Kel_Moran QUESTION: Why do we care about ethics NOW?
  39. 39. @Kel_Moran
  40. 40. @Kel_Moran
  41. 41. @Kel_Moran “Is it ethical to…”“Is it ethical to…” @Kel_Moran
  42. 42. “The more you talk, the more you get heard, and the more you get heard, the more influence you have. Agency grows the more you exercise it.” - Alan Cooper
  43. 43. Starting small and building strength.
  44. 44. @Kel_Moran QUESTION: Mmm kay. How?
  45. 45. Technical Debt: @Kel_Moran reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer. -Wikipedia
  46. 46. Technical Debt: @Kel_Moran …easy to implement in the short run -Techopedia
  47. 47. Technical Debt: @Kel_Moran …with the purpose of achieving rapid gains -Free Code Camp
  48. 48. Ethical Debt: @Kel_Moran the cost incurred by society from choosing an easy solution now, in the short run, with the purpose of achieving rapid gains. See the really great talk “A Young Profession Coping with Ethical Debt,” by Theo Schlossnagle at QCon, March 28, 2018. #ethicaldebt
  49. 49. Ethical Debt: @Kel_Moran
  50. 50. …to make the world gentler, more beautiful, or more thoughtful. @Kel_Moran
  51. 51. Let’s do Better @Kel_Moran
  52. 52. Kelly MoranBig Design Sept. 21, 2018 @Kel_Moran