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Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Gear You Must Have When SHTF


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Take advantage of all that extra capacity in a BOV. There are gears to include in your Bug-out vehicle that will get you and your BOV through many emergencies.

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Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Gear You Must Have When SHTF

  1. 1. Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Gear You Must Have When SHTF By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. Great Gear To Include in Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) • A quality Bug-Out Bag (BOB) is the first thing you should consider keeping in your vehicle, since it is designed to give you a minimum amount of survival gear. Bug-Out Bag (BOB) is #1
  3. 3. • Always keep your Bug-Out Vehicle topped off. If a further distance is required, a full tank could give you 3- 400 miles total. Keep Plenty of Fuel Water is A Priority • Water is priority #1. You can only live about three days on water, so make provisions for everyone to stay hydrated.
  4. 4. Keep Food in Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) • Keep a 3-Day supply for each person in your vehicle BEYOND what you have in your Bug-Out Bag (BOB).
  5. 5. Meet Your Shelter Needs Tents, Tarps, and Hammocks • Tents can be used in different locations that the vehicle can’t get to. • Tarps can be used for ground cover, makeshift shelters, and even some type of blanket in a pinch.
  6. 6. Stay Secure in Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) An easy way to stay safe, is to always carry a defense item. This could be lethal or non-lethal based on your comfort level. Non-Lethal Defense Items Lethal Defense Items
  7. 7. Ensure You Have Energy, Light, and Warmth • Jacket • Wool Blanket • Mylar Blanket and Bed sheet • Candles and Lanterns • Road Flares • Electric Blankets and Portable Inverters You can make it several days in a vehicle with almost none of these items, but your comfort levels will be extremely low, and it will reduce your actual survival expectancy.
  8. 8. Keep Everyone Healthy and Sanitary • First Aid Kit • Portable Camping Toilet Being prepared is more about the everyday emergency than it is for the less likely global pandemic.
  9. 9. Other Useful Items When Bugging Out in a Vehicle • Camping Shovel • Extra Clothing and Shoes • Duct Tape or Gorilla Tape • Compass and Maps • GPS • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) • Cash or Card
  10. 10. • Lengths of Chains • Zip Ties • Sand or Kitty Litter • CB or Hamm Radio • Fuel Reserves • Spare Fuses • Jack • Lug Nut Wrench • Belts and Hoses Gear That Will Keep Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) Reliable • Hose Clamps • Radiator, Transmission, and Tire Sealants • Anti-Freeze • Jumper Cables • Cigarette Lighter Air Compressor • Tire Plug Kit • Starting Fluid or Aerosol Lubricant • Tool Kit (Full Wrench And Socket Set,Hammer) • Tow Straps/Ratcheting Straps/Bungee Cords
  11. 11. The Right Gear Will Get You Through Many Emergencies • Whether you get stuck because you slid off of the road or your vehicle falls apart of a bumpy road in an earthquake, with the correct items, you can fix most problems you will face in an emergency. • If you get a flat or hit an animal, unless your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) is totaled, the proper tools could get you back on the road on your way home without an expensive tow truck bill.
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