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SQL Server Machine Learning Service

Japan SQL Server User Group: SQL Server Machine Learning Service

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SQL Server Machine Learning Service

  1. 1. Japan SQL Server User Group Kenichiro Nakamura Mar/23 2019 SQL Server Machine Learning R Service
  2. 2. Today’s Goal Understand what is SQL Server ML Services Understand the benefits Understand the sample tutrial
  3. 3. SQL Server Machine Learning Services home-advanced-analytics-r-machine-learning-sql-server?view=sql-server-ver15
  4. 4. Components SQL Server Launchpad service R packages (RevoScaleR) R tools Python packages Python tools etc.
  5. 5. Architecture
  6. 6. RevoScaleR
  7. 7. RevoScaleR RevoScaleR is a library of high-performance data science functions from Microsoft. Functions support data import, data transformation, summarization, visualization, and analysis. In contrast with base R functions, RevoScaleR operations can be performed against very large datasets, in parallel, and on distributed file systems. Functions can operate over datasets that do not fit in memory by using chunking and by reassembling results when operations are complete.
  8. 8. Why ML in SQL?
  9. 9. Why ML in SQL? Bring Data to Processor ML needs data and processor, which SQL Server has both assets. Predict in transaction Prediction runs in transaction of SQL. Publish Model SQL stores model as binary and easy to maintain versions.
  10. 10. Modify the Trace Results View Demo
  11. 11. Tutorial R data analytics for SQL developers
  12. 12. Reference SQL Server 2019 meets AI and Big Data Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R
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