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Baldacci Family Vineyards: Social Marketing Plan 2013


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Baldacci Family Vineyards: Social Marketing Plan 2013

  1. 1. Baldacci  Family   Vineyards   2013  Social   Marketing  Plan  
  2. 2. Facebook Strategy Striving towards Social Marketing Awesomeness
  3. 3. Wine Fact Monday §  Provide wine facts including: §  Ancient wine history §  Wine facts today §  New studies §  Create visuals for these facts and tag our logo in the corner (right) §  Exemplify Baldacci as thought leaders in the wine industry §  Become the “go-to” page for wine facts §  Encourage a following – we want people to come back to our page to see what else we have to offer §  Encourage shares resulting in an increase in likes and overall engagement
  4. 4. Wine Tip Tuesday §  Provide wine tips every Tuesday: •  Tasting tricks •  About wine •  Napa or region facts §  Establish Baldacci as thought leaders in the wine industry §  Facebook page becomes the “go-to” source for wine intelligence
  5. 5. Wine Meme Wednesday •  Build a massive following with the hope of potential new customers •  Spreading brand awareness by creating “contagious” memes with Baldacci’s brand attached to each photo •  Displaying the lighter side of wine and of Baldacci’s overall nature •  Casually place Baldacci wine bottles in the images •  Build awareness about the fun in wine!
  6. 6. Thirsty Thursday §  We’ll need collaboration from the tasting room to Kevin over in the Social HQ located in SF §  Sending pictures through Facebook and Instagram about what we are pouring that day •  I understand that doesn’t change too often so let’s just say we can take a picture of the tasting room of the bottles or full glasses §  Encourage people to come to the tasting room or at least have our customers constantly thinking about our product
  7. 7. Wine Quote Friday •  Post a wine quote or toast using Baldacci-branded format •  Encourage shares to build new followers and grow network •  Build awareness about the fun in wine!
  8. 8. Weekend Winery Photos! •  Coordinate Mere or Michael to post on Saturday or Sunday urging people in the area to come to the Tasting Room •  Build likes, shares and comments •  Make our followers want to make the trip out to Baldacci ;-)
  9. 9. Instagram  Strategy   New Social Frontier for Baldacci Family Vineyards
  10. 10. “Engagement from Instagram users is as much as 10 times greater than other platforms.” Dan Atkinson, CEO §  Build an Instragram social media network §  Assert Baldacci’s brand as a beautiful destination and the ideal, premium wine §  Followers can follow what is going on around the winery §  Build customer loyalty §  Make announcements of wine releases or events we are attending §  Make our followers want to make the trip out to Baldacci ;-)
  11. 11. Instagram Rockstars
  12. 12. Umami Burger – Instagram Stars §  Umami Burger encourages all of their customers to take an Instagram picture of the burgers they are eating §  Their Instagram promotions are all around the menu §  I myself (Kevin) learned about Umami Burger from a friend taking an Instagram picture of her burger. I made the trip the next weekend and now love the place. I also made an Instagram picture.
  13. 13. Where were we in 2012? §  We lacked an Instagram profile §  No Facebook structure or plan §  Little Twitter interaction §  We did break 1k followers! §  A couple of promotions (Summer Road Trip)
  14. 14. Social Marketing Goals for 2013 §  Double  Facebook  followers  to  6k   §  Post  2-­‐3  times  a  day   §  Maintain  Facebook  schedule  throughout  2013   §  Post  on  holidays  and  events   §  Constantly  promote  an  Baldacci  events  or  promotions   §  Create  4-­‐6  contests  or  promotions   §  Reach  over  200  Instagram  followers   §  Continue  to  update  Instagram  pictures   §  Use  hashtags  in  each  description  to  attract  new,  organic   followers   §  Double  Twitter  followers  to  2k  
  15. 15. Post More Often §  We need to be posting more often §  Best practices are 2-4 times a day throughout the day §  Our most successful day was December 5th when we posted 5 times in one day and received 45 new likes
  16. 16. Continue Posting Instagram Pictures of the Winery on Facebook §  Although we don’t want to fall into the habit of only talking about ourselves, Instagram photos on Facebook of the winery are extremely viral and generate a lot of likes (average 30-70 likes) §  Hold a goal of posting 5-7 photos of the property a week “Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average written post.”
  17. 17. Develop  Content  Marketing   Strategy  Using  Videos   §  Investigate small-budget videos §  Ideas include: §  Videos of the production at Baldacci §  Interactive wine tastings §  Fun music videos – very viral! “2012  was  the  year  of  massive  video  and  mobile   growth.  2013  will  be  the  year  brands  build  on   these  two  trends  and  take  advantage  of  the  vast   amount  of  video  content  they  have  created,   seamlessly  across  devices,”     -­‐Anupam  Gupta,  CEO  of  Mixpo.