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Mbc consulting group

Communication is the heart and soul of any organization or relationship - business or personal.

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Mbc consulting group

  1. 1. Personal and Professional Performance Execution That Will Make You:<br />Efficient; <br />Effective;<br />Outcome Focused<br />Kevin W. Cook<br />2563 Peachtree Dr., Perkasie, Pa., 18944 <br />H(215) 258-2160; C(215) 527-1985<br /><br />
  2. 2. Expertise<br />Leadership and Organizational Development, <br />Performance Consulting, <br />Talent Review/Succession Planning, <br />Training & Development, <br />Personal and Executive Coaching,<br />H.R. Business Partner, <br />Training Management,<br />Call Center Management,<br />Customer Service<br />
  3. 3. Objective<br />To support and promote a forward thinking company where:<br />•I can make a significant contribution to bottom-line results<br />•An upbeat positive attitude and sense of humor are <br /> important<br />•Decisions are made for long term growth and development of<br />individuals, the client and the organization<br />•Investment in human capital (internal & external) is valued<br />as crucial<br />
  4. 4. Organizational Requirements<br />Organizational <br />Alignment<br />Individual <br />Accountability<br />•Top 3 needs of teams, markets, organizations, etc.*<br />•Outcome of needs satisfaction<br />Customer <br />Satisfaction/<br />Profitability<br />Open and Honest <br />Communication<br />
  5. 5. Addressing Requirements<br />Expectations<br />Resources<br />Mission, Vision,<br />Culture<br />Results (Engagement)<br />•4 Necessary Ingredients<br /> for Success<br />Execution<br />
  6. 6. Meeting the Needs<br />Provide clear specific Expectations<br />Drive a “Culture of Accountability”<br />Ensure that the foundational Experiences <br />of the organization and the individual<br />are in alignment with the intended<br />Culture<br />Beliefs<br />Culture<br />Results<br />Behaviors<br />Experiences<br />
  7. 7. Meeting the Needs, cont’d<br />•Develop a culture of Feedback, Accountability, <br /> Communication, Coaching and Mentoring <br />in alignment with the expectations<br /> •Promote an understanding <br /> of “How to have the conversation”<br />Beliefs<br />Culture<br />Results<br />Behaviors<br />Experiences<br />
  8. 8. Meeting the Needs, cont’d<br />• Develop a culture of engagement based on<br /> individual uniqueness and talent<br />• Based on engagement, promote an <br /> environment of sales and customer <br /> service based on accountable <br /> Service Level Standards<br />Beliefs<br />Culture<br />Results<br />Behaviors<br />Experiences<br />
  9. 9. Cost/Benefit Analysis<br />• Minimal investment in analysis and<br /> recommendations <br />• No cost for ongoing implementation<br />• Sales performance at 39% above goal <br />• Turn over decreased 27%<br />• Call Center Quality 94.3%<br />
  10. 10. Key Benefits<br />•Improved performance at all levels of the<br /> organization<br />• Increased job satisfaction and employee<br />engagement<br />• Increased retention (employee and client)<br />• Minimal cost to organization.<br />
  11. 11. Client Feedback<br />Dawn Kline, VP, The Nyman Group (business partner)<br />“Kevin hired us to develop a customized, sales training program for one of Sovereign Bank's regional divisions. Kevin was delightful to work with. He worked diligently to identify internal constituent needs and to build a coalition of support for strategic, professional development.” <br />Judy McKee, Owner, McKee Consulting LLC <br />“Kevin has superior communication skills which gives him a heads up when managing and working with others. I know his character is impeccable. In a world where soft skills are hard to measure, this man measures up in the top 10. He knows his business and strives to give others a chance to grow with his leadership and talent. I would recommend him for any job that required leadership skills and interpersonal communication skills. “<br />Kevin Meck, AVP-HRIS Manager Reporting, Sovereign Bank <br />“Kevin is a complete business partner with an unrivaled dedication towards providing solutions. Kevin has the ability to dive into the core issues with the business leaders and help not only drive results but develop plans that strive for continuous improvements. I was fortunate to work with Kevin on many projects and Kevin played such a valuable role in ensuring successful completion of each project. Kevin is well respected by all those that work with him, a true professional who understands the big picture.” <br />
  12. 12. Certifications<br />Myers-Briggs, Personality Assessment Qualified <br />Linkage, Inc., Coaching Leaders, Certification <br />Hay Group, Emotional Intelligence<br />Gallup, Inc., Strengths Performance Coach<br />Partners in Change, Performance Consulting Certification<br />Arbinger Inst., Coaching Certified <br />Partners in Leadership, Accountability Certification<br />Workplace Diversity Certified<br />McKee Motivation, LLC, LAMA Certified<br />