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C6 social media-mediasharing-kimberly fitzgerald


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Just telling a little about that websites that I use to share my favorite photos too.

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C6 social media-mediasharing-kimberly fitzgerald

  1. 1. Facebook I share photos and videos all the time on my Facebook page. I love letting my friends see updated pictures of my kids or funny moments that I happen to capture on my phone. Use it all the time!
  2. 2. Instagram • I have an Instagram page but I don’t use it as much as I do my Facebook. I don’t like it as much as Facebook just because it’s all about pictures and doesn’t have any stories to read. I do use it from time to time to post really good pictures.
  3. 3. Snapchat • I do not have an account with Snapchat. Didn’t really know what this was until when I did my survey one of my co-workers uses it a lot and explained it to me. It sounds pretty cool and something I might like because I am not one to take a lot of “selfies” so if they disappear in a couple of seconds it might not be to bad.