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Lota: Mother of National Instutitute of Design | The India Report (Eames, 1958) Paper Discussion Notes


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After India's independence, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru commissioned Charles & Ray Eames (two industrial and furniture designers from the USA) to write a report on how to encourage design education in India.

The India Report (Eames, 1958) would not only be unique; it would also recommend design as a value system for a nation celebrating local design with the mighty "Lota". The paper also suggests an institute, program, and several projects that would later lead to the establishment of National Institute of Design (NID).

The first in the paper discussion series, in this video, we discuss details of the paper and what it has to say about the Indian design, value system, the institute, it's students, faculty, and how we should measure its effectiveness.

Check out the full video on the topic:

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Lota: Mother of National Instutitute of Design | The India Report (Eames, 1958) Paper Discussion Notes

  1. 1. Paper Notes | The India Report (Eames, 1958) Lota: Mother of National Institute of Design
  2. 2. A report to encourage design innovation in India After India's independence, PM Jawaharlal Nehru commissioned Charles & Ray Eames (industrial designers) to write a report on how to encourage design innovation in India. 2/10 @kingsidharth
  3. 3. The India Report (Eames, 1958) talks about food, shelter, distribution, & communication as India’s primary problems. Suggests an institute that later became National Institute of Design (NID), several projects, and design as a value-system in the building of a nation. 3/10 @kingsidharth
  4. 4. 4/10 @kingsidharth Celebrating Lota as Indian Design Can be modified for various purposes like ghara, suraahi, etc. Can be made with various materials sizes, & dimensions The design evolved over generations • • •
  5. 5. • • • It’d be measured by relationships and it’d communicate to the nation using media like — films, posters, etc. How do we know the institute works? Institute to focus on local-design, cultures, and values Architect students for their background in studying local cultures & value-systems Warn against people looking for a creative refuge in design 5/10 @kingsidharth
  6. 6. Project Recommendation Project A Study the local value system and nuances to define standards of living for the country. What is a good life? What's good health and a proper diet? And ask many such questions. 6/10 @kingsidharth
  7. 7. Examine old problems like Food, Shelter, Distribution, and Communication in a new light and with this new paradigm of local values. Project Recommendation Project B
  8. 8. Standard of quality in products & services across the nation that are adaptable to local nuances. They give an example of the Indian post office — where all of us can send a SpeedPost or a regular mail, but the post-offices adapt to different areas. Project Recommendation Project C
  9. 9. Create national symbols and icons that represent the national identity. We continue to make progress on this one with projects like the tricolour, rupee symbol, the UPI symbol, etc. Project Recommendation Project D
  10. 10. Fin. @kingsidharth on Search for “Lota Mother of NID” on YouTube Got curious? Watch the full video: