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How to find & pick a tech agency


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An overview on how to pick the right development agency, build your product, and reach a MVP or Minimum Viable Product. We specialize in bringing companies and ideas to fruition. For more information visit or send us a note and we will be more than happy to help.
By Kate Swanberg:

Published in: Technology
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How to find & pick a tech agency

  1. 1. How to find & pick a tech agency TM
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Do you need a tech agency? 2. How do you find an “agency”? 3. Making the big decision
  3. 3. 1 Do you need a tech agency?
  4. 4. Defining “Need” • You have an idea but no product • You need to build something fast • You need to build something custom
  5. 5. Mobile or Web?
  6. 6. Remember: • App doesn’t just mean a mobile app. It can be WEB or mobile. • And mobile isn’t just for phones, mobile apps can also be for tablets and iPads.
  7. 7. Lets talk “Users” • What do your “users look like”? • Who are they? • How will they use your app? • Demographics & Psychographics?
  8. 8. What are you product goals? • Save the world? • Get lots of downloads? • Have fun? Make money?
  9. 9. Start small, build right away The longer your scoping process, the more expensive and far away launching will be. How fast can you get started?
  10. 10. Why waiting hurts… • Someone else can get to your niche market 1st. • You spent all of your investment or personal money already and you never quite launched.
  11. 11. Why wait that long? We built your MVP in 2 months. You don’t start marketing it... ...until one year later
  12. 12. Okay, so you need an Agency...
  13. 13. 2 Searching and finding an agency
  14. 14. Starting “The Hunt” • Ask friends of websites that you like • Search online for agencies or MVP info • Ask agencies for other referrals
  15. 15. How do you FIND the right one? • Search on CSS Mania & Dribbble • Choose a nearshore agency • One that does Ruby on Rails
  16. 16. CSS Mania & Dribbble • Dribbble is for graphic designers • Browse their work & view the agency that designed it. • You can even hire them right on the spot.
  17. 17. Do you know the language needed? *Remember you don’t have to know this • Java • C++ • Ruby • Php • Python
  18. 18. The Process 1. Contact 2. Scope 3. Get Bid 4. Get Started
  19. 19. Pick the agency who you like working with in the early stages TRUST
  20. 20. “If you think beautiful looking interfaces with fancy buttons is good UX, you are in for a rude shock: User eXperience (UX) is really about being useful, usable, and meaningful” -Ripul Kumar
  21. 21. What is your budget?
  22. 22. Big MVPs Cost & Time estimation (TNW) Instagram: 100 - 300K 3-6 months Facebook: 500K 9 months WhatsApp: 250K 9 months Pinterest: 4 months 120K
  23. 23. What is an MVP? Minimum Viable Product The version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.
  24. 24. Car & App comparison (DarwinApps)
  25. 25. I just want an app and I want it to work... 1994 Honda civic 1 - 5k
  26. 26. I want something that works well on one platform... 2007 BMW 335i 20 - 25k
  27. 27. I want this to be the best … Lamborghini Aventador 400k
  28. 28. How to get a niche product • Find a problem to solve • It’s more engaging and later profitable • Kitchen cabinet software, niche eh?
  29. 29. What are the next steps?
  30. 30. 3 Comparing agencies
  31. 31. Nearshore? Pick an agency in the same time zone as your main office or product owners.
  32. 32. If you want agile web development, then you need Ruby on Rails
  33. 33. Who uses Ruby on Rails? • Amazon, BBC, CNET, and Yahoo • Business Insider says “The frowing demand for RoR has been driven by successful companies who benefit from the speed and agility of building applications in Rails.
  34. 34. There are things you can look for on the agency website.
  35. 35. Agency Website Checklist A reliable location & communication schedule. Contact phone # (Hint if not, they can be outsourcing) Are there testimonials of past clients? A portfolio? Do they do only web or mobile? Development, design, or both?
  36. 36. 1 Research portfolio clients and check their websites. 2 If there’s mobile apps, test them out.
  37. 37. Do you enjoy it?
  38. 38. Yes? Good.
  39. 39. Making the BIG Decision • Get bids from 2-3 agencies • Set a timeline for a final decision • Sign NDAs will all agencies
  40. 40. Why second opinions help • Get advice from agile experts and you will be on your way to a MVP app. • Koombea is happy to help you figure out which agency is best .
  41. 41. Get a fast quote • Upload whatever documents you have for a estimation and fast follow-up. • We’ll give you what you need for your process.
  42. 42. Highlights About Us • Information Architecture and wireframes. •Personal design and user flows. • Graphic design. • Branding and composition. • Responsive web design.
  43. 43. Have any questions? We are here to help. Tweet us or email us. TM 386 Park Ave South, 10th Floor New York, NY 10010 625 2nd St., Suite 280 San Francisco, CA 94107 Cra 53 # 79-01 L-301 Barranquilla, Colombia