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Simple Steps to UX/UI Web Design


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Your guide to picking the right User Interface (UI) and creating the best User Experience (UX) in just a short amount of time. Learn how to quickly create mockups, landing pages, and build mock integrations that turn into large ideas.

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Simple Steps to UX/UI Web Design

  1. Simple Steps to UX/UI web design #UXLearn Presented by Ellie Cachette, VP of Product Marketing, @ecachette
  2. Agenda •  •  •  •  •  •  Problem UX vs UI Purposes of UX Purposes of UI Design Tools Summary
  3. What is the problem?
  4. Koombea flow process
  5. UX/UI UX is how it works and feels UI is how it looks
  6. - Popcorn - Defrost - 30 seconds
  7. UX-User Experience UX, or user experience, is a measure of the ease and pleasure users enjoy when navigating a site.  
  8. Purpose Behind UX-User experience *Fulfill business goals 1. User acquisition 2. User Activation 3. User Retention
  9. How UX solves problems Usability   Visual Design   User Research   Information Architecture   UX   Interaction Design   Content Strategy  
  10. UX Components 1.  2.  3.  4.  User definition User sitemaps UserFlows Wireframes
  11. User Definition
  12. Information Architecture
  13. Userflow
  14. Wireframe
  15. Koombea flow process
  16. UX is NOT UI
  17. UI-User Interface A skillful interface designer understands the importance of providing the user with a solution to a defined problem.
  18. UI   Branding Color, Schemas: font, Logo, Style Wireframing
  19. Purpose behind UI-User Interface •  User Acquisition •  Brand •  Instill trust
  20. How do we get to UI?   1. Problem has been identified 2. User flows and stories are made 3. Experiments to validate persona 4. Wireframes and sketches 5. Mockups with UI included can be made 6. User tested 7. It’s now time to code up the interface – UI Design!
  21. What NOT to do:
  22. Easy to use Design Tools
  23. HotGloo
  24. Balsamiq
  25. Invision
  26. The UX/UI Difference Freelance vs Agency
  27. Freelancer Creative Brand harmony Fresh Perspective Access to latest tech Access to “assets” Quick Turnaround Cons In-house Flexibility Pros Agency Experts Limited to specialty Expensive Lack of creativity May differ from “brand” Turnaround times differ Bureaucracy
  28. 386 Park Ave South, 10th Floor Have questions? New York, NY 10016 We are here to help. 625 2nd St., Suite 280 Email us at San Francisco, CA 94107 Cra 53 # 79-01 L-301 Barranquilla, Colombia @koombea /koombea #UXLearn