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Contrail at AllegroGroup

How Contrail was implemented at AllegroGroup

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Contrail at AllegroGroup

  1. 1. Contrail at AllegroGroup Plan / Prepare / Production (3P)
  2. 2. History ➢ What we had: ○ Two separate cloud environments (Essex And Havana) ○ Floating IP in Essex and Flat Network with VLANS in Havana ○ Network complicity in Havana ○ Network performance problems in Havana
  3. 3. Goals (Plan) ➢ Ease to maintain and growth ➢ Network simplicity ➢ Network isolation for tenants ➢ Floating IP and flat network ➢ New region in new DC
  4. 4. Fabric (Prepare - 2 weeks) ➢ Easy and fast deployment (couple of corrections in fabric scripts), we used 1.20 version at that time ➢ Environment ready for test (adding new HV from “any” location of server room) ➢ Basic performance tests, LBaaS Where to find quick implementation tools:
  5. 5. Our way ➢ Own puppet manifests based on available ones ➢ Reasons: ○ Existing infrastructure ○ Customized deployment ○ More work at the beginning, less problems later ○ Easy procedure to add hosts (compute nodes, controllers) ○ Building new region in near future
  6. 6. Implementation ➢ We had everything prepared for version 1.20, and then we get 2.01 production version ( what to do ?! ) ➢ Environment deploying (OpenStack with Contrail, One Region- 2 CC; 3 CoC; 50 HV), during DC migration amount of computes increasing - target 250 ➢ Move tenants/users/quota from old environment to new ○ we used keystone server builded from scratch and did upgrade then pump data to Icehouse/Contrail (issue missing users), qouta were migrated as SQL tables, (script to marge users/tenants/qoutas) between regions (target for future - one keystone)
  7. 7. Implementation ➢ DNS - we are using Designate with two handlers (one for Floating IPs, second one for Fixed routable IPs) ➢ Required Image modifications (target ansible automation build) ➢ Two days before production we did update to latest available packages from release 2.01 ➢ Breaking environment ➢ Clients at new environment
  8. 8. Results ➢ 500 VMs spawned simultaneous ➢ Network performance
  9. 9. Problems ➢ cassandra (we increased number of nodes 3 => 5), configuration tuning (TTLs in contrail-collector.conf), compaction throughput, migration of cassandra data to raid0 SSD disks ➢ OpenFiles issue (user, supervisor, init) ➢ Collector was flood by data from computes iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 8086 -m string --algo bm -- string "flowuuid" -j DROP
  10. 10. Problems ➢ When 500K flow is not enough (vr_flow_entries, vr_oflow_entries) ➢ Flow on Hold issue ➢ Vrouter CPU consumption to high compare to VM (TBB_THREAD_COUNT /etc/contrail/supervisord_vrouter.conf)
  11. 11. Problems ➢ Rebuild instance - interface was deleted after VM was respawn ➢ Lack of support for ironic - we will build region for ironic ➢ Disabled Tenant - Not able to login to Contrail UI (keystone 2.0) ➢ Tuning configuration files required ➢ Metadata packages not sent in one session ➢ RBAC for contrail UI
  12. 12. Environment expansion and further plans ➢ 1350 VMs on 150 HV in one DC at this moment ➢ Second region on it’s way ➢ 250-300 HV per region ➢ Migration from Essex and Havana ➢ OpenStack and Contrail upgrades
  13. 13. Q/A?
  14. 14. Thank you!
  15. 15. Check us: Join us: Twitter: allegrotechblog e-commerce full of technology