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Ukraine prepared by Vynnyk and Solomianuk


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Published in: Education
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Ukraine prepared by Vynnyk and Solomianuk

  1. 1. Ukraine Prepared by the pupils of the eighth form Arthur Vynnyk and Denys Solomianuk
  2. 2. Ukraine in Europe The European Union is a political, economic and cultural Association with signs of Confederation[1], composed of 28 European States with a population of over 507 million people. It is located in the centre of Eastern Europe. Through Ukraine, pass the way from Europe to Asia in the countries of the Mediterranean. Most of Ukraine is on Eastern European plain. Also on the territory of Ukraine are the Crimean mountains and the Carpathians. The coastline of the Black sea is about 1, 5 thousand kilometers.
  3. 3. Ukraine borders with 7 countries
  4. 4. Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, it shares borders with several countries: with Russia and Belarus in the North and in the East with Russia, Romania and Moldova, and with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in the West. The shores of Ukraine are washed by two seas-Black and Azov.
  5. 5. Ukraine
  6. 6. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. The country is 603,700 square kilometers. The climate on the territory of the country is temperate continental, in the South of Crimea- subtropical. The summer is long and warm and winters are cold.
  7. 7. The Rivers Of Ukraine On territory of Ukraine there are about 23 000 rivers. (where there are fish). But most of them are very small rivers(streams), the length of which is10 kilometers. Rivers have a length over 10 km in Ukraine there are more than 3 000. They are small pratinou cover almost the whole territory of Ukraine. The Dnieper - the length of 2285 km, the largest and the longest river of Ukraine is its length on the territory of Ukraine, and is 981 km, the river flows into the Black sea. Dniester - 1 the total length of 362 km, Ukraine teratorn - 705 km Very scenic river, flows into the Black sea.
  8. 8. Sea Of Ukraine The black sea is an inland sea of the Atlantic ocean that washes the shores of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. An area of 422 km2, from West to East stretches for 1167 km, between the North and South 624 km. Azov sea – inland sea of the Atlantic ocean basin within Ukraine and Russia. An area of 39 km2. Average depth 4 to 7 m, maximum 15 m. the Kerch Strait sea of Azov is connected with the Black sea. The don flows into the sea and a small river. There are deposits of oil and gas, iron ore. From the brine of Sivash get table salt.
  9. 9. Ukraine is rich in various minerals. It explored about 90 species and is being developed 8,000 deposits. For proven mineral reserves, the share of Ukraine in the CIS is: manganese ore — up to 75%, iron ore — 31, titanium ore — 40, coal — 28, brimstone — 80, kaolin — 60, graphite — 50, clay — 35 %.
  10. 10. Mountains cover approx. 5% of the country. They are located in Western Ukraine — Ukrainian Carpathians, in the extreme South — the Crimean mountains. The highest peak of Ukraine Hoverla belongs to the Carpathian mountains; its height is 2061 m above M. R. In the Crimean mountains is Roman-Kosh — 1545 m.