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LCR Electronics Inc.


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LCR Electronics is an international dealer in the designing and manufacturing of broad range of EMI/RFI Filters.

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LCR Electronics Inc.

  1. 1. q LCR Electronics is into this business since 30 years with the expertise in every department. q LCR provides the customer service worldwide along with the investment in production, quality, sales, research and development. q LCR Electronics has a broad variety of Filters and other Electronic Products globally. ABOUT US
  3. 3. COMMERCIAL FILTERS MILITARY SPECIFICATIONS Ø MRI And Shielded Room EMI Filters Ø Washing Machine/Appliance Filter Ø Power Entry EMI Filters Ø Power Line EMI Filters Ø PFC Coils Ø Custom Design EMI Filters Ø Suppression Filters Ø FH Series Hemp EMI Filters Ø Custom Military EMI Filters Ø Shielded Room Power Line EMI Filters Ø Data, Communication, And Control Line EMI Filters Ø EMI Filters For MIL-461 Applications EMI/RFI FILTERS
  4. 4. Ø Triac And Phase Out Ø Single Phase PWM Motor Controls Ø Multi Phase Motor Controls Ø Ø Electronic Temperature Controls Ø Electronic Timing Controls Ø Electronic Liquid Controls Ø Electronic Lighting Controls Ø Low Cost Multi-Function ELECTRONIC CONTROLSMOTOR CONTROLS ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS
  5. 5. TRIAC AND PHASE CUT MOTOR CONTROLS We provide a massive variety of motors which are ideally universal motors, DC motors and shaded pole motors. TRIAC CONTROL FEATURES q Variable Motor Speed q Feedback Control Options q Broad Range Of Load Current Options q Custom User Interfaces q Customized Designs MOTOR CONTROLS
  6. 6. SINGLE PHASE PWM MOTOR CONTROLS PWM Motor Controls are classic H-Bridge which are used for Single- Phase Variable Frequency AC or Bidirectional DC Applications. FEATURES Ø Over-Current Monitoring Ø Custom User Interfaces Ø Two Quadrant And Four Quadrant Control Ø RoHS Ø Speed Feedback For Closed- Loop Precision
  7. 7. We provide EC105, EC107 and EC109 Multi-Phase Motor Controls for the usage of three-phase AC induction motors. FEATURES Ø Broad Range Of Load Current Options Ø Over-Current Monitoring Ø Two Quadrant And Four Quadrant Control Ø Soft start, coasting and braking control Ø Customized Designs MULTI - PHASE MOTOR CONTROLS
  8. 8. ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLS We provide the cost effective EC112 and EC114 control boards for the ideal use of various heating and chilling applications like ovens, buffet lines, and refrigerating products. ELECTRONIC CONTROLS
  9. 9. We provide the two control boards timer applications - EC113 and EC114 which are inexpensive and easy to install in the food service industry. ELECTRONIC TIMING CONTROLS
  10. 10. We provide EC110 liquid level cost- effective microcontroller which is specifically designed for the food service OEM equipment industry and for the existing electro- mechanical float switch for improving the design of new applications. ELECTRONIC LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLS
  11. 11. We provide the Electronic Fluorescent Lamp Ballast with integrated MIL-STD-461 compliant EMI Filter with the white LED headlight for floor-care applications. ELECTRONIC LIGHTING CONTROLS
  12. 12. We provide EC1032 Low Cost Multi-Function output control which can be used on any single phase power input up to 240VAC at 12A. Applications ü Fluid Pumps ü Heating ü Small Appliances ü Humidity Control LOW COST MULTI-FUNCTION CONTROL
  13. 13. MIL-STD FILTERS Ø Custom Military Filters Ø FH Series Hemp Filters Ø Shielded Room Power Line Filters Ø Data/Communication/Control Line Filters Ø Rugged Commercial Off The Shelf Filters Ø Commercial Off The Shelf Filters MILITARY APPLICATIONS
  14. 14. MRI & SHIELDED ROOM EMI FILTERSMRI & SHIELDED ROOM EMI FILTERS These filters help in eliminating the unwanted RF interference which gets created from some outside sources. Used In Variety Of Equipment's : ü MRI Equipment ü Telephone Filters ü Alarm Filter ü Control & Data Line EMI/RFI Filters EMI/RFI FILTERS
  15. 15. Here we provide complete range of standard and customised EMI Filters which includes, blenders, mixers, pumps, treadmills, power supplies and many more EMI FILTERS WASHING MACHINE/APPLIANCE
  16. 16. POWER ENTRY EMI FILTERS is the easiest filter to install and can easily get in use for any industrial and commercial Electronics. These filters has been specially designed for the requirements of DC applications like LCD TV's, Electronic toys, Fitness Equipment's, Computers and more unique application requirements. EMI FILTERS POWER ENTRY EMI FILTERS
  17. 17. POWER LINE EMI FILTERS are used to protect the sensitive electronic products. We have designed these filters to meet the required current need which is up to 1000 A. EMI FILTERS Feed Through EMI FILTERS PCB EMI/RFI Filters Three Phase EMI/RFI Single Phase Filters POWER LINE FILTERS EMI FILTERS – POWER LINE- GENERAL PURPOSE & MEDICAL
  18. 18. PFC COILS has been designed to increase the power factor and to reduce the THD. The main feature of Correction Coils is that they has long-lasting laminated core-design with 400-Hz power lines. APPLICATIONS Sports & Fitness Equipment Medical Equipment Home Appliances EMI FILTERS POWER FACTOR CORRECTION COILS
  19. 19. These custom design filters has been designed for the project specific applications for military, aeroscope, commercial, industrial, medical and other appliance industry. We design more than 18,000 filters with current ratings of 2500 amps, according to the demand or requirement of the project. These custom design filters has been designed for the project specific applications for military, aeroscope, commercial, industrial, medical and other appliance industry. We design more than 18,000 filters with current ratings of 2500 amps, according to the demand or requirement of the project. EMI FILTERS - CUSTOM DESIGN
  20. 20. We have a leading manufacturer of polypropylene and polyester suppression capacitors. We use capacitors, coils and chokes on our control boards for the supply of high quality with high frequency. EMI FILTERS SUPPRESSION COMPONENTS
  21. 21. EMI/RFI FiltersEMI/RFI Filters FH Series HEMP FiltersFH Series HEMP Filters LCR’s latest filters designed to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-188-125-1 & MIL-STD-188-125-2 MILITARY APPLICATIONS
  22. 22. We Offer AC & DC Military EMI/RFI Filters To Fulfil Our Customers requirements like MIL –STD-461, RTCA-D0160. We design Aeroscope, Tempest & Military EMI/RFI Filters With Various Levels Of Transient Voltage Protection. CUSTOM MILITARY APPLICATIONS
  23. 23. We Offer F Series EMI/RFI Filters With Electronic Specifications : 120/208 or 277/488 VAC, 50/50 Hz. FACILITY/SHIELDED ROOM POWERFACILITY/SHIELDED ROOM POWER LINE FILTERSLINE FILTERS
  24. 24. We Design F15000 Series To Accommodate Variety Of Applications Like Telephone Line, Data Line, Alarm & Control Filters. DATA, COMMUNICATION & CONTROLDATA, COMMUNICATION & CONTROL LINE - EMI FILTERSLINE - EMI FILTERS
  25. 25. We Offer Massive Range Of Single Phase (RCOTS) EMI/RFI Filters With An Extended Range Of -40⁰C To +85⁰C RUGGED COMMERCIAL OFF THE SHELFRUGGED COMMERCIAL OFF THE SHELF (RCOTS)(RCOTS)
  26. 26. We Design Power Line Filters To Protect Electronic Circuits From Unwanted Surges, Spikes Or Any Other Interference In The Environment COMMERCIAL OFF THE SHELF (COTS)COMMERCIAL OFF THE SHELF (COTS)
  27. 27. LCR Electronics, Inc. EMI Filter division 22895 Eastpark Drive Yorba Linda, CA 92887 Tel: (714)221-4056 Toll Free: 1-800-527-4362 Website: Email: