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LG LED LCD Monitor, E50VR Series
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Datenblatt zu "Super+ Resolution" des LG E50 TFT Monitor FLATRON wide


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LG E50 TFT Monitor FLATRON wide Monitor mit Super Plus Auflösung und energiesparendem White LED Backlight für den anspruchsvollen Multimedia Anwender im 16:9 Breitbildformat.

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Datenblatt zu "Super+ Resolution" des LG E50 TFT Monitor FLATRON wide

  1. 1. LG LED LCD Monitor, E50VR Series E2250VR E2350VR PANEL SPEC Size 21.5” 23.0” Aspect Ratio 16 : 9 16 : 9 Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 Contrast Ratio (DFC) Mega Contrast Ratio (5,000,000:1) Mega Contrast Ratio (5,000,000:1) Brightness (Typ.) 250cd/m2 250cd/m2 Viewing Angle (CR>5) H : 176°, V : 170° H : 176°, V : 170° Response Time 5ms (Typical) 5ms (Typical) Display Colors 16.7M Colors 16.7M Colors Panel Surface Anti-Glare Anti-Glare FEATURES Connector D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI, Headphone Out D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI, Headphone Out Power Supply 100~240V, Adaptor 100~240V, Adaptor (H / V Frequency) (30~83kHz / 56~75Hz) (30~83kHz / 56~75Hz) Dimension Set (with Stand) 526 x 198 x 408mm 560 x 198 x 428mm (WxDxH) Set (without Stand) 526 x 40 x 335mm 560 x 40 x 355mm Shipping 593 x 456 x 120mm 619 x 493 x 120mm Weight Set (with / without Stand) 2.9kg / 2.6kg 3.3kg / 3.1kg Shipping 4.7kg 5.4kg SPECIAL FEATURES Function SUPER+ Resolution, Smart+ Package SUPER+ Resolution, Smart+ Package Stand Detachable (2-way Stand), Tilt Detachable (2-way Stand), Tilt ETC. Sound, HDCP, sRGB, DDC/CI, Sound, HDCP, sRGB, DDC/CI, Auto Resolution, Plug & Play, EZ Control OSD Auto Resolution, Plug & Play, EZ Control OSD POWER CONSUMPTION Normal On (Typ.) 24W 28W Power Save / Sleep Mode (Max) 1W 1W DC Off (Max) 0.5W 0.5W POWER CONSUMPTION UL(cUL), TUV-Type, SEMKO, FCC-B, CE, UL(cUL), TUV-Type, SEMKO, FCC-B, EPA 5.0, Windows 7 CE, EPA 5.0, Windows 7 Discover the Super Clear Reality LG Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-721, Korea Yeouido P.O.Box 335, Seoul, Korea
  2. 2. Super Enhancement Dream Technology for the Next Generation Impressed by E50VR’s picture quality? Wait until you experience the monitor’s for Super Picture Quality intelligence! Employing eco-friendly LED technology, LG E50VR reproduces vivid picture quality with high energy efficiency and reduces eye strain even after long hours of use. Also, the monitor maximizes both style and function with a detachable stand that allows versatile use for various purposes. So how about it? Isn’t it high time you meet LG E50VR, an intelligent monitor with super HD picture quality? See SD contents in HD quality & HD contents more vividly! From photographs, DVDs, and online video clips to games, it is everyone’s desire to enjoy digital contents more realistically. Now you can enjoy any contents vividly in upgraded high quality. With clear picture quality, the reality of the contents is enhanced and viewers’ eye strain is reduced. Here, we introduce you to SUPER+ Resolution, LG’s new solution for better picture quality. Premium LED LED offers various features including true-to-life pictures, as well as a much slimmer and lighter appearance that makes the monitor easy to handle. Technology “SUPER+ Resolution” technology improves the quality of up-scaled images by removing the problems of fading Mega Contrast Ratio and roughness of edges, which are often inevitable when using Bilinear or Bicubic methods for image enlargement. By showing sharper contrast of brightness and Unlike the commonly used picture enhancement technology that just removes blurs of enlarged images, SUPER+ darkness, E50VR provides perfect rendition of Resolution goes one step further and even reduces the noise that is produced during the edge enhancement process even the most subtle color differences as well to reproduce a final output that maintains the same quality as the original. Moreover, the new technology suppresses as the pitch-black color, which is considered to be the most Conventional Mega Contrast Ratio difficult shade to realize. overly sharpened images to make the images look more natural. Blurring Output Input Energy-saving Employing high-efficiency LED backlight 45% units, E50VR reduced energy consumption. Moreover, the monitor contributes to preserving the environment by not using any hazardous materials such as mercury or halogen. Energy Saving Image Source Conventional E50VR Up-scaled Image SUPER+ Resolution Processed Image [ SUPER+ Resolution processing] Blur Detection: Blurred part from the enlarge image is detected - by LG IC-Engine(Image Clear Engine) Deblurring Process: Blurring is improved with SUPER+ Resolution color separation technology Dual Web Expanded Picture Picture Imaging Process Simulation: Low resolution Mode Control OSD From webpages to documents, the windows >> image is simulated through pseudo imaging process for comparison with the original + are automatically aligned in optimal sizes for * Select according to content type at SUPER Resolution mode you to see without making any adjustments. Difference Detection: Differences between input Low: for watching vivid image while minimizing the distortion of the original (Still images) Dual Web function makes full use of the wide screen and picture and pseudo low resolution picture are Medium: for watching SD contents vividly while reducing the distortion of the original improves work efficiency by making multi-tasking more minimized (on-line video contents, SD contents) convenient. Dual Web Off Dual Web On High: for enjoying high-definition video clips or realistic game experience (Game, Full HD contents) -> High quality image output Demo: for making side-by-side comparison of original display and image reproduction in SUPER+ Resolution mode before selecting display mode Auto Bright Auto Bright automatically provides optimal OFF ON brightness for the displayed contents with bright sensor measuring the ambient light and What is different? Super Clear, Super Exciting calculating the data source’s brightness. Natural Looking Image Dark data source Brightness is increased If the parameter setting for image processing are too Enjoying both high-resolution movies Connecting portable game devices Watching recordings strong, the SUPER+ Resolution processed image will be and low-resolution on-line contents: like PSP or NINTENDO DS : from camcorders: sharp, but overshooting might occur at the edges, or the screen as a whole might appear overexposed. In those Now you can watch high-resolution movies on Did the blurring problem keep you from Old home videos in VGA resolution (720x480) times, shoot control is used to suppress overexposure, HDTV and Blu-ray more vividly and also see on- connecting portable game consoles to large look blurry when played on large monitors Two-way Stand allowing the SUPER+ Resolution processed image will line streaming contents in HD quality! With an monitors? Now you can enjoy PSP and because images need to be up-scaled by up to For users to conveniently access various contents simultaneously, E50VR can also be appear more natural. innovative technology that enhances the picture NINTENDO DS games on large screen with 7 times to be watched on Full HD monitors. Now, connected to a laptop and be used as a dual quality, you can enjoy SD contents in HD quality. SUPER+ Resolution, which supports clear graphics SUPER+ Resolution reproduces low-resolution monitor. 17.5mm display to provide realistic game experience while images vividly-just as if they were recorded by an Input Source Image reducing eye strain even after long use. HD camcorder. Conventional Sharp Image LG SUPER+ Resolution * Improvement of picture quality may vary according to content. Natural Looking Image