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LG User Guide Upgrade Tool


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This is a User Guide on how to update your mobile phone software of a LG-Mobile.

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LG User Guide Upgrade Tool

  1. 1. User Guide LGMobile Support Tool TCC LG Electronics 07.03.2009
  2. 2. Moments to touch 2
  3. 3. Contents Take it easy General information System requirements Installation of LGMobile Support Tool General settings Supported models Manuals, applications and USB drivers Precaution measures Phone update 07.03.2009 RM 3
  4. 4. General Information LG Electronics offers a new LGMobile Support Tool to customers. Using that, customers now have the opportunity to update LG mobile phones conveniently via the Internet without visiting a service centre. Download of manuals, application software and drivers are also part of this service tool. The tool is available from our website: A list of supported devices and available updates can be found on our website or via the LGMobile Support Tool. 07.03.2009 RM 4
  5. 5. General Information Today's mobile phones have a variety of sophisticated modern features. If available, the stability and reliability of some functions can be improved through an update. An update of a mobile phone to a newer firmware version does not mean that new features are installed. This is generally not the case. LGMobile Support Tool gives customers the option to update the device software themselves in a simple way. They need no longer to get in contact with an authorised service partner of LG Electronics. Customers have to visit the LG service centre for a software update. USB New Version cable Visit Service Centre A/S Centre New Customers DO NOT NEED to visit the service centre for a software update. USB New Version Internet cable Access LG web page Update S/W by oneself 07.03.2009 RM 5
  6. 6. System Requirements Firstly, you have install the LGMobile Updater application. Then you can download manuals, software, or the latest firmware for your phone Your PC must meet the following minimum requirements: • 1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor. • At least 256MB of RAM. • Windows 2000 (Version 4 or newer), or Windows XP (Service Pack 2), or Windows Vista. • Administrator privileges on the PC for software installation. • High-Speed Internet. 07.03.2009 RM 6
  7. 7. Installation of the LGMobile Support Tool Visit the LG Internet site: • Select Europe. • Select your country. 07.03.2009 RM 7
  8. 8. Installation of the LGMobile Support Tool Default start page in your language 1. Select Support. 2. Select Manual & Software. 3. Select 4. Now the program can be installed. Either store the application and run it later or start the application installation directly. 07.03.2009 RM 8
  9. 9. General Settings You can select your preferred language in the LGMobile Support Tool 1. Run the application after installation. 2. Select in drop down menu “Options & Help”, then the option “Country & Language”. 3. Select country and preferred language. 07.03.2009 RM 9
  10. 10. Supported Models 1. Run the application after 1 installation. 2. Select in drop down menu “Customer Support”, then the option “Supporting Model”. 3. A list of supported models and 2 available software versions will be shown. 3 07.03.2009 RM 10
  11. 11. Manuals, Applications and USB Drivers At first you have to install USB drivers for your model before starting the update process. 1. Select in drop down menu “Customer Support”, then the 1 topic “Application, Manual & USB Driver Download”. 2. Look up the IMEI number from your mobile phone (additional options: use model name / serial number, or read out mobile phone using the Update 2 Tool after installation of the USB driver and attachment of the mobile phone to PC) 3. Overview of available items for download. 4. Download the USB driver and install it on your PC. 3 07.03.2009 RM 11
  12. 12. Precaution Measures Before you start the update procedure, please read carefully and note the following: • Check that the battery is fully charged. • All personal data will be kept in the phone memory during an update. It is strongly recommended to safe all personal data by using LG PC Sync application before starting the update process. LG is not responsible for any loss of data. • Before you start the update, please close the LG PC Sync Application. • During an update it is not possible to make calls or receive messages (SMS, MMS, email) with your mobile phone. • Do not disconnect the USB-cable or stop the update until the process is finished. Your mobile phone might get permanently damaged if you disconnect it from the PC whilst the update is running. • The update process takes between 10-30 minutes to complete. The duration depends on phone model and the download environment. 07.03.2009 RM 12
  13. 13. Phone Update Start the program Before you start the update with LGMobile Support Tool, please check again that: • you have saved your personal data. • the battery is fully charged. • the mobile phone is safely connected to your PC. • the mobile phone is switched on. 07.03.2009 RM 13
  14. 14. Phone Update Phone update starts directly after selecting “Start Upgrading” The update of the device software will be started automatically by LGMobile Support Tool after selecting “Start Upgrading”. Please note that the update procedure requires attention as program messages might need to be confirmed by the user. 07.03.2009 RM 14
  15. 15. Phone Update Firstly, the LGMobile Support Tool analyses your PC environment. If your PC does not match the system requirements or if the LG PC Sync application is still be open, you will get an error message and the update process will not start. 07.03.2009 RM 15
  16. 16. Phone Update In the next step LGMobile Support Tool analyses your mobile phone. If there any problems detected (for example: battery is empty), an error message will be displayed and the update procedure will not be continued. 07.03.2009 RM 16
  17. 17. Phone Update After a successful completion of the phone analysis, the LGMobile Support Tool will download the necessary software for the connected mobile phone from the LG web site. Please note: It is not possible to flash the device with a variant of another network operator. 07.03.2009 RM 17
  18. 18. Phone Update In next step the mobile phone will be updated with the latest software version. Do not disconnect the USB cable or battery from your mobile phone during this process. 07.03.2009 RM 18
  19. 19. Phone Update After updating the software you can disconnect the mobile phone from your PC and continue using the device. If you wish you can submit your email address to LG Electronics to get notified when further updates become available. 07.03.2009 RM 19
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