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Back to LinkedIn: Finding your Target Audience on LinkedIn


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Learn how LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities enable you to find the audience that matters most to your business.

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Back to LinkedIn: Finding your Target Audience on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Welcome and thank you for joining LinkedIn’s LiveWebinar • We will start the LiveWebinar at 11am PT | 2pm ET • Please note that the audio portion will stream through your PC/Laptop speakers.There is no separate dial-in option. Be sure to check your speakers to ensure they are turned on and that volume is at an audible level. • Please enter questions into the Q&A module • Check out the Resources module for the slides and related content • If you have any technical difficulties, please click on the Help widget BEFORE WE GET STARTED
  2. 2. LIVE WEBCAST Back to LinkedIn Finding Your Target Audience on LinkedIn
  3. 3. Amanda Green Client Solutions Manager, Technology Vertical LinkedIn
  4. 4. AGENDA  The Professional Environment and Our Member Mindset  Reach the Right Professionals the Right Way  Targeting Capabilities on LinkedIn  Demo: How to Set-up Ad Targeting on LinkedIn  Target According to Your Objective  Q&A
  5. 5. LINKEDIN MARKETING SOLUTIONS’ MISSION Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals 5
  6. 6. The largest global community of professionals 61M senior-level influencers 40M decision makers 10.7M opinion leaders 6.8M C-level execs 22.8M Mass Affluent 4.1M IT decision makers 580+M professionals are on LinkedIn 6
  7. 7. The world’s professionals come to LinkedIn for knowledge Industry News Expert Advice Professional Learning Peer Insights Peer Recommendations 500+ Influencers
  8. 8. The LinkedIn member mindset Fed signals a rate rise soon Aretha Franklin died without a will Teens worry they use phones too much Urban Meyer Ben Affleck #ThursdayThoughts Trending topics by social media platform
  9. 9. Professionals engage with a purpose 9 billion content impressions / week 15X content vs job postings in the feed (YOY 100%+ Activity) 57% mobile 45 min/month/member on average (Comscore source)
  10. 10. Reach the right professionals the right way
  11. 11. ENVIRONMENT AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENTINCREASED REVENUE Reach the right professionals the right way
  12. 12. Professiona l context Quality user experience Quality ad placement s Transparency Control Brand safety Trusted platform Community of professional members
  13. 13. Vibrant professional conversations are happening
  14. 14. OF PEOPLE USE INFORMATION FROM LINKEDIN TO INFORM BUSINESS DECISIONS Source: Nielsen ad environment relevancy custom study
  15. 15. The right audience
  16. 16. Targeting Capabilities on LinkedIn
  17. 17. Retargete d visitors Demographic segments Audience extension Job seekers Employee networks Intent signals Saved sales leads High Quality Reach at Scale Powerful targeting tools 20Mbusiness decision makers 14.7MIT buying committee 6Msmall business growth
  18. 18. First Party Data = Unique and Precise Ad Targeting Company name Job title Member skills* Field of study based on skills, endorsements and keywords in profile Company industry Job Seniority* Member groups Degrees derived from job title Company size Job function* Member age* Member Schools derived from job titlederived from Company Page derived from Company Page dderived by using the earliest degree Location Years of experience* Member gender* derived from start year and month of current roles derived from Member name Bring your own data! Plus * to mean dderived
  19. 19. Targeting by Function and Title User-entered Title ↓ Standardized Title ↓ ↓ Seniority Function Inferred from user-entered title
  20. 20. Targeting by Seniority 2 0 Focus on hands-on influencers  Target senior individual contributors (ICs) as part of your audience  Senior ICs test products and influence the purchase  Senior ICs represent a much bigger audience than the person that will ultimately sign the contract TIP Craft different messages for ICs versus Owners/Partners/CXOs. Manager Senior Entry Director VP Owner CXO Partner Training Unpaid *Entry and Senior are Individual contributor (IC) which include highly skilled professionals e.g. engineer, teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc.
  21. 21. Member industry is directly inferred from their current experience 21 Company Entered Name ↓ Company Entered Industry ↓ Company Entered # of employees Sample: Company Name → LinkedIn Company Industry → Internet Company Size → 5,000-10,000 Large companies may span several industries but can only choose one. Spot-check company pages to ensure you are targeting the correct industry. Targeting by Company Name, Industry, Size
  22. 22. Skills Build from your PPC activity  Targeting of skills-related keywords  Identified in the skills section, keywords found throughout the profile and inferred skills  Increased relevancy, performance, scale and ROI
  23. 23. Customized Targeting with Matched Audiences WEBSITE RETARGETING Re-engage your website visitors CONTACT TARGETING Upload or integrate email lists ACCOUNT TARGETING Run account-based marketing
  24. 24. Re-engage your website visitors Website Retargeting • Exclude converters from your net- new campaigns • Exclude website visitors from awareness campaigns • Retarget converters of offer 1 with offer 2 to move them through the funnel • Retarget your LP visitors who have yet to convert How does this work post-GDPR?
  25. 25. Reach decision makers at your target accounts Account Targeting • Align with sales on high-priority accounts and personalize content • Reach the buying committee at high- priority accounts • Target customers to show them product updates or cross-sell opps • Exclude competitors by adding them to a list to exclude (using Company Name or Account Targeting Upload)
  26. 26. Import or integrate your contact email lists Contact Targeting • Exclude a list of customers from prospecting campaigns • Add a list of customers to show product updates and cross-sell opps • Add a list of leads to remain top of mind during their buying journey • Integrate your contact management platforms
  27. 27. Consider Tom Senior Program Manager within Enterprise Businesses Seniority: Senior IC+ Function: Company Size: 500+ Geography: United Kingdom IT, Engineering, Program Management TARGETING TITLE JOB FUNCTION +SENIORITY GROUPS +SENIORITY SKILLS +SENIORITY
  28. 28. Demo
  29. 29. TARGETING BEST PRACTICES • Lump all of your buyer personas into one campaign • Hyper-target your campaigns • Don’t • Do • Make sure your buyer personas are clear and well-defined • Tailor your content to your audience • Add two or fewer targeting facets in addition to Location • Experiment and A/B Test • Use different content and targeting tactics for different products and/or audiences
  30. 30. ADVANCED TACTICS • Understand who your ads resonate with, then focus on your best audiences • Learn who you should be targeting more directly, and who you may want to to exclude 1. Utilize Campaign Demographics 2. Utilize Website Demographics It can reveal: • If you’re reaching your intended audience • Traffic and engagement trends by audience • Who’s converting • Who to target next
  31. 31. Target According to Your Objective
  32. 32. Core Objectives Top Funnel Engagement • Branding • Thought leadership • Filling our marketing funnel with net new contacts Engaging our Known Audiences • Account targeting • Customer marketing • Website retargeting Persona Targeting • Industry marketing • Agencies • SMB Marketers
  33. 33. Job functions: Marketing, PR and communications Seniority: Senior, Entry, Manager, Director, VP, CXO, Owner, Founder Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa Exclude: Customers (csv upload) How we use LinkedIn targeting to engage net new prospects
  34. 34. Account list: Company names Job functions: Marketing, PR and communication Seniority: Senior, Entry, Manager, Director, VP, CXO, Owner, Founder How we use LinkedIn to nurture target sales accounts
  35. 35. Leverage email contact targeting to reach our customers on LinkedIn for ongoing product education How we use LinkedIn for customer engagement
  36. 36. Segment website visitors based on the pages that they visit. Example #1: Product and pricing visits receive a $50 promo code to try LinkedIn ads How we use LinkedIn to retarget website visitors
  37. 37. Segment website visitors based on the pages that they visit. Example #2 Home page visits receive the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn How we use LinkedIn to retarget website visitors
  38. 38. Technology Marketers Industries: Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Computer Networking, Internet, Semiconductors, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Services, Computer and Network Security, Wireless Job Functions: Marketing, Media and Communication Seniority: Manager, Senior, VP, Partner, CXO, Director Region: United Kingdom How we use LinkedIn to build personas
  39. 39. Leverage targeting for deeper personalization in the feed
  40. 40. 2xHIGHER CONVERSIONS Effective engagement Sign up Visit company website Source: Hubspot global customer analysis
  41. 41. TAKEAWAYS  LinkedIn Targeting is unique in allowing advertisers to target members while they're in a professional mindset  Utilize our first party data to reach your ideal audience and drive your your campaign objectives  Remember that tailoring the content to your specific audience is a best best practice on LinkedIn  Be sure to consider the advanced targeting options that our tool provides to take it a step further (Account Targeting, Content Targeting, Targeting, Retargeting)
  42. 42. Q&A