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Live Webinar: The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Sponsored Updates


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In this webinar, we discuss best practices for content marketing using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, which enables you to publish relevant content straight to the LinkedIn feed and reach a targeted audience of professionals beyond your LinkedIn Company Page followers. We cover everything you need to know to start a successful Sponsored Updates campaign, such as:
• How to determine your campaign goals
• Creating great content and insights to share with your target audience
• Best practices for turning your content into compelling Sponsored Updates
• Testing and learning to optimize your campaign
We're also joined by Cassandra Clark from LinkedIn, who will share best practices from running multiple LinkedIn Sponsored Updates campaigns. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn valuable best practices that can make a positive impact on your Sponsored Updates ROI.

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Live Webinar: The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Sponsored Updates

  1. 1. Phil Han LinkedIn, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Sponsored Updates Cassandra Clark LinkedIn, Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Sophisticated Guide to Sponsored Updates
  2. 2. Agenda • What are Sponsored Updates? • Creating great content to engage the LinkedIn audience • Turning your content into compelling Sponsored Updates • Test, learn and optimize • Success Story: Learn from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions • Conclusion
  3. 3. What are Sponsored Updates?
  4. 4. Sponsored Updates are… • Native advertising in the world’s only professional news feed • Reach members with rich content on any device • Drive leads, build brand, increase engagement with your content
  5. 5. Sponsored Updates are… • Native advertising in the world’s only professional news feed • Reach members with rich content on any device • Drive leads, build brand, increase engagement with your content Three things that set Sponsored Updates apart Accurate profile-based targeting Professional mindset that creates a favorable content marketing environment for brands Premium audience
  6. 6. Create Great Content
  7. 7. Content Matters: It creates conversation that leads to customer relationships 10 74% 90% Number of pieces of content buyers engage with to research their purchase. -Source: Google, Zero Moment of Truth Study Of B2B buyers choose a vendor that’s first to help them with useful content. -Source: Inside Sales Amount of purchase process that buyers complete before making contact with vendor. -Source: Forrester
  8. 8. Keys to Great Thought-Leading Content The Bloom Group’s eight criteria for thought-leading content: • Relevance • Novelty • Depth • Validity • Practicality • Rigor • Clarity • Coherence
  9. 9. Track Metrics that Matter For brand awareness or content engagement • Engagement with your content • Site traffic and time per visit • Brand life or purchase intent • Executive-level follow-up • Quality of audience you’re engaging For Lead Generation: • Volume of qualified leads • Cost per Lead (CPL) • Marketing-influenced or marketing-sourced bookings • Lead velocity
  10. 10. On LinkedIn, Speak to the Professional Mindset
  11. 11. On LinkedIn, Speak to the Professional Mindset -Source: The Mindset Divide: Revealing the Emotional Differences Between Personal and Professional Networks
  12. 12. A 6-Step Strategy for Creating Content for LinkedIn’s Most Engaged Members While themes of great content vary by audience, industry, and marketer objectives, there are some guidelines you can follow to appeal to the professional mindset. On LinkedIn, Speak to the Professional Mindset
  13. 13. DO’s and DON’Ts for Crafting Compelling LinkedIn Content DO: DON’T: • Think like a journalist • Be helpful by providing answers to your audience’s most pressing questions and challenges • Find your authentic voice that’s authoritative but friendly and trustworthy. • Connect content to a commercial insight or benefit • Enrich and amplify your content by enlisting influencers, trusted industry experts, or your executives to contribute • Deliver a sales pitch • Be overly broad in your content themes. You want to be recognized as an expert in only one or two areas. • Create content that people can’t easily consume on phones/tablets • Go it alone!
  14. 14. Turn Your Ideas into “Big Rock” Content Big Rock Content… • Delivers value to your audience • Includes eBooks, webinars, research reports, instructive guides, and other “meaty” content assets • Serves as evergreen content you can re-purpose • Can be released about once per quarter
  15. 15. Use Tools that Make it Easier to Create or Source Great Content Content doesn’t have to be difficult. Scale your content efforts with LinkedIn’s Certified Content Partners.
  16. 16. Turn Your Content into Compelling Sponsored Updates
  17. 17. Pick the Right Tool for the Job • Sponsor directly from your LinkedIn Company Page • Try LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager • Work with a LinkedIn Certified Ads Partner • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Managed Advertising Account Campaign automation, bulk editing, A/B testing, day-parting, posting content across social channels, and more!
  18. 18. Get Visual Include a thumbnail image in your updates • Upload rich media like infographics • Use crisp images, bright colors • Have SlideShare presentations, videos *Get up to 2x engagement rate by adding images to your updates
  19. 19. Think Like a Journalist • Write brief, compelling headlines. • Use numbered lists, surprising statistics and figures, or stake a strong position on an issue. • Share posts or words of wisdom from your executives or notable thought leaders within your company • Call out your audience in your post and headline • What’s in it for the audience if they click on your content?
  20. 20. Target Your Content to the Right Customers 3 tips for effective targeting on LinkedIn: • Don’t hypertarget: stick to two or three targeting criteria. • Start with a broad target and refine over time. • Ask yourself if the audience is a good fit for the content you’re publishing. • Experiment with Audience Expansion
  21. 21. Build a Sturdy Campaign Foundation • Launch posts in waves and keep the top-performing post from each wave running into the next week • If you’re driving leads or content downloads, start with CPC (cost-per-click) bidding • If you’re aiming for brand Awareness: CPM
  22. 22. Make Your Pages Mobile Ready • Explain why the content is valuable- include more on your page than just a lead form • Keep lead forms short to increase conversion rates • Make sure to take advantage of responsive design *Remember, 75% of Sponsored Updates engagement comes from mobile
  23. 23. Test, Learn and Optimize
  24. 24. • Add click trackers to your landing pages • Use analytics on your Company Page or to measure performance by post or audience • Shift Budget away from low-performing content or audiences and toward content or audiences that are performing better • Try Direct Sponsored Content to test at scale “Always Be Optimizing”
  25. 25. Set a budget and bid that makes sense for your business. If your goal is lead gen, then your bid should also reflect the value of a lead to your business. Need more help optimizing your demand gen plan? Check out our eBook for additional resources. Adjust Budgets, Bids so They Make Sense for Your Business
  26. 26. How we use Sponsored Updates LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  27. 27. Multi-channel, always on approach for all “Big Rock” campaign launches 28
  28. 28. #LinkedInMktg Using Direct Sponsored Content to test and optimize messaging
  29. 29. #LinkedInMktg
  30. 30. #LinkedInMktg
  31. 31. #LinkedInMktg
  32. 32. #LinkedInMktg
  33. 33. #LinkedInMktg
  34. 34. Conclusion
  35. 35. Time to Put These Ideas to Work! • Visit to get started • If you’re the admin of your LinkedIn Company Page, you can also sponsor an update at • Ready to scale your content marketing on LinkedIn? Work with a LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partner today
  36. 36. Q&A
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