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What is "Transmedia Storytelling for Brands"?

Social media without a strategy or story behind it is just noise. Forget "broadcasting" and/or random posting or garnering or paying for "likes" - start creating campaigns worthy of sharing. It all starts with the story. And every memorable brand has one.

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What is "Transmedia Storytelling for Brands"?

  1. 1. “Transmedia Storytelling for Brands” Presented by Alexandra Lehmann Social Media, Advertising, & Integrated Marketing Ancell School of Business, Western Connecticut State University November 18, 2013
  2. 2. Our challenge as marketers and service providers in the “Information Economy” “…’paying for things’ is a quaint, discredited old 20th century custom…[…] “Content” used in its current context is a contemptuous coinage predicated on the assumption that it’s the delivery system that matters, relegating what used to be called “art” to the status of filler, stuff to stick between banner ads…[…].” -Tim Kreider, The New York Times, 11/8/13
  3. 3. BRAND • How customers THINK & FEEL about a product or service • Emotion • Stories inspire and evoke feelings. Unforgettable. Help us to understand information. Good stories are character-driven.
  4. 4. What is brand equity? A brand’s power derived from the goodwill and name recognition that it has earned over time, which translates into higher • Sales volume • Higher profit margins against competing brands. BRAND BUILDING
  5. 5. Thought leaders of Convergence Culture or Participatory/Immersive Transmedia Storytelling • Henry Jenkins • Robert Pratten • Jeff Gomez, Starlight Runner “The power [of a brand] increases when multiple media platforms are used to convey its story [unique sales proposition, values, etc.] in personal, emotional and immediate ways.”
  6. 6. What is transmedia? • nNY • Video by RWMC, Australia
  8. 8. The Brand’s Story • • • • • Who - Protagonist/Hero What – What is his/her basic desire? What emotions does brand represent? Where/When - Setting Why – does this story need to be told? • Conflict • Transformation
  9. 9. • Lurkers • Readers – Click Throughers • Commenters • Sharers
  10. 10. What is this story about? What feelings are evoked? Who -Professional job trainer for sales people What – teaches salespeople not to give up; to persevere, to see the value of practice & preparation Brand represents hope for improvement “Power through Reinforcement” Where/When on the gc and job.
  11. 11. Live Event! Yes, we crave eye-to-eye contact (vs. eyeballs)
  12. 12. September 18, 2013 Carmel, New York What it Takes to Win When Bret Dunbar stepped on the course he realized that his chances of winning weren't that great. He had looked at the talent in the Danbury Chamber's Ninth Annual Tournament and having played the game for a long time, he knew that a perfect drive down the fairway just doesn't happen. "I will find my swing the day of a tournament only if I've been working consistently on my game to make it better," Bret shared confidently at the nineteenth hole after he hit his personal best. "Any kind of behavioral change - whether improving a back swing or a close ratio in sales - occurs incrementally and not without practice, preparation and coaching." The over hundred players who played at the Centennial Golf Course in September are invested in an extremely difficult game. Most experts estimate that it takes an average player six years of regular play and weekly golf lessons to achieve pars, birdies and if luck is on your side, eagles. It's not just a sport, it's a second job. How does one get better for a business tournament when time is such a scarcity? Preparation is one thing. The Director of Golf at the Centennial reveals two secrets about the course.
  13. 13. What part of the story does this audience need or want to know? Sandler Training (Bret) teaches that preparation is the key to success. These golfers can learn the annual charity golf course’s toughest holes so they can do better next year.
  14. 14. Learn the Secret (go to the next media): B R A N D = “Bret/Sandler Training helps me to be a better salesperson. Make more money. Buy more things. Help more people. Etc..” Emotion: self-fulfillment/live your dream
  15. 15. and/or see the fun of just being in the game. Go to Flickr Page and check out pictures of colleagues and friends.
  16. 16. Click Through Rate & Calls-to-Action Live Event Email Website Social Media
  17. 17. Measure for Conversion (achieving your objective)
  18. 18. What is the ROI?