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"SHOW ME THE MONEY!" How to Negotiate Your Salary!

You've mastered the interview, you've followed up with the employer, and congrats! You're in the midst of a job offer. But now what? Make sure your salary stays in-line with what you want.

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"SHOW ME THE MONEY!" How to Negotiate Your Salary!

  3. So what’s next?
  5. SHOW ME THE MONEY. Prepare with two scenarios of what could happen when it comes to salary.
  6. SCENARIO ONE The employer asks you for your salary range, before they extend a job offer.
  7. When you provide a range, you automatically set yourself up to get less than what you want. DON’T PROVIDE A SALARY RANGE. tip #1
  8. OFFER AN ODD NUMBER INSTEAD. It grabs the attention of the hiring manager but make sure to set your number roughly 3-10% more than your ideal salary. Also, make sure that it’s in- line with industry trends. tip #2
  9. tip #3 RETURN THE QUESTION. Answer with a question similar to, “What is the company pay scale for this position?” It’s asked to obtain simple context clues. Once you’re given this info, make a request using an odd number within that range!
  10. The employer makes you an OFFER. SCENARIO TWO
  11. CONGRATS! You’ve received a job offer, but the salary isn’t exactly what you had in mind. It’s time to negotiate!
  12. tip #1 RESEARCH. Understand national and state salary ranges for your desired role. Additionally, take the cost of living into consideration.
  13. MAKE A COMPELLING ARGUMENT. Utilize your research to make a compelling case for a salary increase. Express a connection to the company’s mission and vision; indicate that you believe this will be a long- term beneficial relationship between you and the employer. tip #2
  14. MORE THAN DOLLARS. Keep in mind, it’s not always about a paycheck when it comes to negotiating your salary. Think about things that’ll enhance your quality of work or help you with work-life balance. Examples: Professional development funds, paid vacation, telecommuting, tuition reimbursement, etc. tip #3
  15. AGREEMENT IS FINITO! Make sure what you agreed to is included in your employment contract and your official offer letter so it’s on-file in Human Resources.
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