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Data needs to be analysed: The Social and Economic impact of Big Data

We address the surge in relevance of Big Data, and how this data can applied to various sectors. Including examples for insights with tourism and social good cited in this presentation.

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Data needs to be analysed: The Social and Economic impact of Big Data

  1. 1. Los datos hablan. El impacto de Big Data en la Sociedad y la Economía Dr Pedro A. de Alarcón Senior Data Scientist. External Positioning and Big Data for Social Good
  2. 2. @LUCA_D3 1. Let Data Speak 2. ¿Qué está haciendo Telefónica? 3. Algunas ideas para durante y después del Máster 4. … y un buen ejemplo.
  3. 3. @LUCA_D3 @LUCA_D3 @pdealarcon
  4. 4. ¿Qué está pasando?... Adapt or Die @LUCA_D3
  5. 5. @LUCA_D3 Let Data Speak01
  6. 6. Are you listening? @LUCA_D3 Using CDR traffic to understand the impact of an earthquake in Mexico
  7. 7. Are you listening? @LUCA_D3 Using sports analytics software to understand footballer behaviour Xavi: movements faster than 5 m/sec Messi: movements faster than 5 m/sec Time at each position sec.
  8. 8. Big Data for Football Analytics @LUCA_D3 Time at each position sec.
  9. 9. Open Data for Customer Benefit @LUCA_D3 Using open data to provide automated Oyster refunds in London
  10. 10. Open Data for Marketing and Brand Awareness @LUCA_D3 Using open data as an input for a real-time advertising campaign in London
  11. 11. Big Data is no longer an emerging technology… @LUCA_D3 “We’ve retired the Big Data hype cycle. I know some clients may be really surprised by that because Big Data was a really important one for many years.” Betsy Burton, Gartner
  12. 12. Tools and Infrastructure @LUCA_D3 Difficulty Value Descriptive Analytics Diagnostic Analytics Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics What happened? Why did it happen? What will happen? How can we make it happen? Source, Gartner 2012 Volume Velocity Variety 3 Vs of Big DataTerabytes Records Transactions Tables / Files Batch Real-time Streams Near-time Structured Unstructured Semi-structured All of the above
  13. 13. Data Science @LUCA_D3 “Data Scientist is the sexiest job in the 21st century.” “Big Data expertise demand has increased by 85% in the last year.” “21.000 Data Engineer jobs posted online.” “90.000 Data Engineer jobs posted online.”
  14. 14. @LUCA_D3 ¿Qué está haciendo Telefónica?02
  15. 15. We have launched LUCA Data-Driven Decisions @LUCA_D3 Our goal: to empower other organizations to become more data-driven
  16. 16. The Big Data journey has different maturity stages @LUCA_D3 • Interested in understanding potential of Big Data • Keen to run POCs • Lack of internal know-how and capabilities • Data sources unknown / uncontrolled • Strategy and uses cases not defined Exploration Data-Driven • Big Data already implemented in a “data- centric” organization • Data is intrinsic in decision- making • Data brings organization closer to its customers • In-house expertise in data science and data engineering • External data sources used regularly to generate richer insights • New data-driven business models and processes in creation Transformation • Decision made to leverage Big Data • Require methodology and expert resources • Need technology and infrastructure • Analytics capabilities to be deployed / outsourced • End-to-end transformation programme planned, including cultural and org. changes
  17. 17. And this is Telefonica’s Big Data journey – so far @LUCA_D3 2011 20132012 Exploration proving Big Data’s potential Smart Steps launched SNA pilots marketing and churn Global BI organization created Data to become an asset 20152014 Transformation accelerating adoption Smart Digits launched China Unicom Joint Venture Smart Steps International roll out Key use cases executed Strategic data sourcing installed 20172016 Data-Driven democratizing Big Data Big Data B2B unit launch Niche Big Data consultancy acquired Cultural transformation CDO (Chema Alonso) appointed Breaking all kinds of silos Big Data roadmap for each Operating Business New data-driven P&S
  18. 18. These are the components to work on during the journey @LUCA_D3 Data Engineering Tools & Infrastructure Data Science Business Insights Strategy and Transformation (Strategic Assessments, Corporate Transformation Programmes, Culture and Talent programmes) End 2 End Security Wrap
  19. 19. Data Engineering – more data sources @LUCA_D3 Big DataData Warehouse + External DataGeolocation Call Centre Content Channels (online & offline) TV Audiences Q of E Sociodemographic Products and Services Consumption Customer Web Logs Descriptive WHO ? Behavioral WHAT, WHERE ? Interaction HOW ? Attitudinal WHY ?
  20. 20. All of which is applied to the Business @LUCA_D3 Product and Innovation Operational and Finance Channels Sales and Marketing Network and Infrastructure
  21. 21. Business optimisation which have allowed us to create value internally: @LUCA_D3 Smart Marketing Churn Reduction & Optimisation Network Planning Optimization Real Time contextual campaigns Video analytics A Data-Driven Online channel E2E churn approach Multi-channel analytics Fibre/LTE deployment Supply/demand analysis Value based analysis Procurement analytics Fleet management optimisation
  22. 22. Business Insights for Sustainable transport @LUCA_D3 Using mobile data to measure the sustainability of commuting in Barcelona
  23. 23. Business Insights for Tourism Insights @LUCA_D3 Using mobile data to understand the catchment and profile of tourists to the Fallas Festival
  24. 24. Business Insights for Tourism Insights @LUCA_D3 Using mobile data to understand the catchment and profile of tourists to Spain
  25. 25. Business Insights for Smarter Communication @LUCA_D3 Using analytics to optimize global communications in multinationals
  26. 26. Big Data for Social Good @LUCA_D3 Using CDR traffic to understand the impact of floods in Mexico
  27. 27. @LUCA_D3 Algunas ideas 03
  28. 28. Aprovechad las clases presenciales @LUCA_D3 Vs.
  29. 29. Leed blogs de Ciencia de Datos @LUCA_D3 … os ayudarán a averiguar cuales son vuestros verdaderos intereses
  30. 30. Expresad vuestros intereses y mostrad vuestro valor diferencial ANTES del primer trabajo… o como escribir un CV aplastante sin usar Word. @LUCA_D3 • Kaggle • Github • Ipython Notebooks • Hackatons • Open data Apps (Code4Good) • StackOverflow • Blog • Twitter & Linkedin
  31. 31. Los datos deben contar una historia: contadla bien. @LUCA_D3 essential-data-science-skill-everyone-needs/#1098ffadf0c8
  32. 32. No olvideis las herramientas comerciales @LUCA_D3
  33. 33. Cambio de enfoque @LUCA_D3 Teoría Práctica ValidaciónCaso de uso / Problema Preparación de datos Teoría Programación Modelos / Visualización Industrialización Máster Empresa
  34. 34. Si Mahoma no va a la montaña… @LUCA_D3 • Lenguajes & Machine Learning: Python, R, Scala • Big Data (básico): Spark, Hive. • Demandas no bien cubiertas: Modelos Predicitivos en Real Time. Visualizaciones impresionantes (D3) Mapas (PostGis) • Vienen fuerte: Deep Learning Tensor Flow AI+NLP (Chatbots)
  35. 35. @LUCA_D3 Un buen ejemplo ;-)04
  36. 36. @LUCA_D3 QUE ESPERABA… • Conocer estructura de una gran empresa
  37. 37. @LUCA_D3 QUE ESPERABA… • Tratar con datos reales y muy diferentes
  38. 38. @LUCA_D3 QUE ESPERABA… • Grandes proyectos
  39. 39. @LUCA_D3 QUE ME HE ENCONTRADO… • Una gran empresa
  41. 41. @LUCA_D3 QUE ME HE ENCONTRADO… • Aprendizaje tecnológico continuo
  42. 42. @LUCA_D3 EJEMPLOS … • GLOBAL RIDER • ELECCIONES ESTADOS UNIDOS elections-we-shine-light.html
  43. 43. Global Rider @LUCA_D3
  44. 44. @LUCA_D3 Elecciones USA 2016 & Twitter Twitter Sinfonier (11Paths) MongoDB Philips Hue + Spotfire RealTime Filter Python Elastic + Kibana vs
  45. 45. @LUCA_D3 Elecciones USA 2016 & Twitter
  46. 46. @LUCA_D3 Let your data speak
  47. 47. Thanks for listening! @vrbenjamins / @LUCA_D3