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Johnson & johnson's ‘camp baby'

presentation of johnson and johnson baby camp (case study)

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Johnson & johnson's ‘camp baby'

  1. 1. Johnson & Johnson’s ‘camp baby’; great customer relationship management or a public relations fiasco? Lakshya hirwani Saransh gupta Shahank chakarvorty
  2. 2. ABOUT CAMP BABY…. • On April 2, 2008 US- Based johnson & johnson , one of the largest healthcare companies in the world organized a unique event called ‘camp baby’ at its headquters in new Brunswick , new jersey. • The three days event was designed for parenting community, where 56 most influential mommy bloggers from US participated. • The purpose of this camp to build long lasting relationship with their customers. • J&j did not use the camp baby event as platform to sell any its producer their main motive was to connect with core group of customer i.e. mothers. • The participant got chance to interact with guest , doctors , and industry to know about physical and mental healthcare. • But the event received flak from servel mothers because it did not allow babies to be the part of event. • The camp was ended up bringing negative publicity.
  3. 3. BACKGROUND… •J&j one of the premier company founded by johnson brothers in 1887. •The company was engaged in the manufacture and sale of health products in more Than 57 countries more than 250 operation . •J&j business was divided into 3 segments; 1- pharmaceuticals. 2- medical devices & diagnostics. 3- consumer products.  PHARMACEUTICALS includes drugs for family planning , mental illness, nervous system and diseases this area generated 41% of sales. MEDICAL DEVICES & DIAGONSTICS includes surgical and patient care equipments and devices, diagnostics products and contact lenses and accounted for 35% of sales.  THE CONSUMER SEGMENT contributed 24% of sales includes J&J baby care line, the Neutrogena skin and hair care line, Stayfree feminine. •J&J launched baby centre LLC in 1997 it managed sites such as and was online sites for expectant mothers and new parents.
  4. 4. ADVERSTISEMENT TECHNIQUES … • Servel companies where particularly attracted to social media and word of mouth [wom] where people shared information about products or services with friends. • WOM advertising reached US$ 7 billion in 2007 and was expected to increase to US$3.7 billion by 2011. • The study revels that 80% of consumers trusted the suggestions of family , friends and influential's persons more than they did traditional advertising. • J&J shifted a part of marketing budgets from traditional channels.
  5. 5. CAMP BABY … • Once the timing was fixed the company started to invite blogger to register. The registration was on a first come first serve basis. • Priority was given to those who loved to share their experiences online with others moms to learn the latest technology. THE CAMP BABY EVENTS.. 1. The camp was organized from April 2 to april4 2008 at new Brunswick and free air tickets were provided and accommodated in one of the top hotels. 2. At the end they have taken to them for shopping they could pick J&J products for free. 3. And special prizes such as three days trip to the Beijing Olympics. 4. At the last this was followed by dinner, during which an event was hosted by Nintendo company ltd. 5. j&j staff impressed the participants with theirs their hospitality and pleasant attitude.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION… • It was the biggest drawback of the event was that it excluded children from the camp. • It was the bad public relations (PR) move by the company which focused on the bond between children and the mother in their advertisement. • The company felt that the kids would make difficult for mothers to attend and enjoy the camp. • As the event was conduct on weekdays, many off invitees could not make it to the event.
  7. 7. THANK YOU