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Becoming a designer founder


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First presented at the O'Reilly Design Conference
San Francisco March 21, 2017
Watch the video of this talk on Vimeo:

User experience (UX) designers add necessary perspective and skills to early-stage companies, which are often overweighted with technical and business expertise. UX designers’ aptitude for considering holistic systems, desire to understand human motivations, visual thinking superpowers, and dedication to validated learning make them valuable early hires for startups. Increasingly, designers are taking more strategic roles at early-stage companies, but founders with a background in design are still relatively rare.

Lane Goldstone shares her journey from consultant to entrepreneur and explains how having a background in design impacts her company, Brooklyn Copper Cookware, in order to inspire more designers to consider founding companies.

Topics include:
Why Lane joined Brooklyn Copper Cookware
Ways her UX career prepared her to be a designer founder
Consultant thinking versus owner thinking
What it means to be a design-led company
Examples of UX practices used at Brooklyn Copper Cookware

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Becoming a designer founder

  1. 1. Becoming a
 Designer Founder O’Reilly Design Conference March 21, 2017
  2. 2. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Hi! I’m a designer-founder.
  3. 3. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper
  4. 4. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper
  5. 5. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper
  6. 6. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper
  7. 7. @thinknow @brooklyn_copperflickr: deliciousblur,
  8. 8. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Organic growth • Self-funded • Balance production and marketing • Learn about our customers • Smaller mistakes
  9. 9. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Why copper cookware?
  10. 10. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper
  11. 11. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper
  12. 12. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper My career journey.
  13. 13. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Short-order cook
  14. 14. @thinknow @brooklyn_copperYouTube | 1101com Production potter
  15. 15. @thinknow @brooklyn_copperYouTube | 1101com Interaction Designer
  16. 16. @thinknow Design student
  17. 17. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Product Designer
  18. 18. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Hackathon team member
  19. 19. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Startup coach
  20. 20. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper My influence as a designer- founder.
  21. 21. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper*Before Designer Founder (BDF) BCC 1.0* 2009 - 2012
  22. 22. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper*Designer-as-Consultant BCC 1.5* 2013 - 2014
  23. 23. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper*After Designer Founder BCC 2.0* 2015-present
  24. 24. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper What I expected vs. How it is Planning - Reacting Control - Surrender Designing solution - Building company
  25. 25. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper How we think and work.
  26. 26. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper What’s the desired outcome? WHO is this for WHAT do we want to happen HOW will we know it works?
  27. 27. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Just enough 
 structure and technology
  28. 28. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Microsegments 
 instead of demographics
  29. 29. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Small bets 
 instead of big bang releases
  30. 30. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Evidence 
 instead of Opinion
  31. 31. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Iteration 
 instead of Planning
  32. 32. SUBSTANTIAL …but not weighty INTENTIONAL …but not calculated HANDMADE …but not artisanal WHOLESOME …but not hygienic ESSENTIAL …but not primitive
  33. 33. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper Just enough structure and technology Microsegments instead of demographics Small bets instead of big bang releases Evidence instead of Opinion Iteration instead of Planning
  34. 34. @thinknow @brooklyn_copper “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
 ― Audrey Hepburn Flickr: