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Personas for Coders

Presentation at Carbon Five Hack Night September 5, 2012.

Personas are a way to think about who "the user" is and how he or she would use your software. Learn how personas can provide focus on the most important features, guidance about how those features fit together, and information about how much capability a feature really needs to provide.

Carbon Five LA bi-weekly, intimate hack night for developers who want to code and collaborate for a couple of hours after work. Bring your own project or work with someone else. Developers of all experience levels are welcome. There will be at least a couple Carbon Five folks around to help out.

For more information, please see our Meetup Group

Personas for Coders

  1. Personas for CodersCarbon FiveSeptember 5, 2012
  2. User story
  3. Who is this “user” of which you speak?
  4. People
  5. PeopleNeeds
  6. PeopleNeedsUses
  7. PeopleNeeds UsesFeatures
  8. People NeedsInsert businessvision here Uses Features
  9. People NeedsInsert businessvision here Uses UI design, wireframes Visual design Features
  10. PeoplePersonas Needs Uses Epics Features Stories
  11. Personas help us understand• Motivations• Level of expertise• Context of use• Workflow• Goals and needs
  12. Personas are NOT• Demographic segments• General-purpose• Stereotypes
  13. The origin of personas Introduced by Alan Cooper “The Inmates are Running the Asylum” Widely used in user experience (UX) Based on user research
  14. A little known fact Personas help coders solve problems Specific more important than accurate Alan’s first persona - “Kathy”
  15. Pragmatic personas David Hussman, 2008 Agile “pragmatic personas” Draw someone you knowPhoto: Flickr jazzmasterson/275800917
  16. Lean Startup Learning experiments Make products people want Persona hypothesis Evolve as you know more
  17. Personas grow and evolve Before talking to customers See if you agree about who “the user” is Figure out who you need to talk to
  18. Personas grow and evolve After talking to customers Persistent, shared visual artifact Defines “customer value” Establishes scope of features Aid to prioritize features
  19. Personas before talking to customersPhoto: Lane Halley
  20. Personas after talking to customersPhoto: Lane Halley
  21. Let’s make a personaName & sketch Description Behaviors Needs & goals
  22. Show & tellPhoto: Lane Halley
  23. Discussion
  24. Thank you! Lane Halley @thinknow