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Maintaining Compliance and Upgrading ERP Systems to Improve Operations in Process Industry


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Get a competitive edge while lowering operational costs by maintaining compliance and upgrading ERP systems. Visit:

Published in: Technology
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Maintaining Compliance and Upgrading ERP Systems to Improve Operations in Process Industry

  1. 1. ©Copyright2016.Infor.Allrightsreserved. Source:AberdeenGroup LearnmoreabouthowtoupgradeyourERP from theAberdeenGroupReport Downloadwhitepaper CloudcanhelpkeepyourERPup-to-date Lowertotalcostof ownership Configuration flexibility Reducedcostand effortofupgrades Abilityto scalesolution Lowerupfront costs Easeofuse 52% 45% 38% 38% 31% 28% Constantlyupdated Zerodisruption Lowertotalcost ofownership(TCO) Easyscalability CloudERPadvantages WhyupgradeERP? 94% 87% ERPupgradesdriveEnterpriseKPIs Higher Operational KPIs Improved bottomline (KPI) Increased topline (KPI) OnTimeand completeshipment without 17% 9% Reductionininventory withupgrade 5% increaseinoperational marginwithupgrade2%decrease, without without AllRespondents Process Ontimeand complete shipment Reductionin inventory Operatingmarginvscorporateplan Leadersdrive Higherlevels ofcompliance[99%] Lowercosts Betteroperational efficiency 9% higher operatingmargins Over80% ofleadersareeitheronlatestreleaseorjustonebehind Leadersare59% morelikelythanFollowerstobe onthelatestERP Process‘Leaders’outperform ‘Followers’ bystayingontopoftechnology 43% 27% 40% 18% Implementedonlatestrelease Onereleasebehind Primaryreasonforout-of-compliance isoutdatedenterprisesystems AllRespondents Process Processmanufacturerstwice morelikelytonotupgrade theirERPsystemsatall Averagetimebetween upgradesisover3years, longerthanallothers 25% 15% 21% 24% 14% 14% 8% 9% 12% 9% 15% 21% 4% 8% Onceayear Every2years Every3years Every4years Every5 years Morethan 5yearsbetween upgrades Wedonot performupgrades Millionsinlost revenue Highoperational cost Out-of-compliance 14% 25% 43% 35% 65%53% Customersdemand lowercosts Needtocomplywithcurrentand futureregulations AllRespondents Process Needcompetitive differentiation Maintainingcompliance drivesloweroperational costsandenables competitivedifferentiation Reduce operational costs Complywithregulations Increased competition TopPressurestoImproveOperations intheProcessIndustry UPGRADING ENTERPRISESYSTEMS forSuccessinProcessManufacturing