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Content Strategies for Buying Stages


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Content Marketing to support various stages of the customer buying cycle. Build awareness through education, establish interest, help them make a selection as they look to build their business case, and then keep them on as loyal customers so they not only return to buy but become some of your best ambassadors. Content includes blogs, white papers, videos, brochures, infographics and more.

When time and budget is always at a premium, make sure the content you are creating has the greatest impact. Here are some tips on what content to create during the various stages of a buying cycle.

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Content Strategies for Buying Stages

  1. 1. CONTENT CREATION BUYING STAGES • Sales • Marketing • Public Relations Building content to support various stages of the buying cycle
  2. 2. Who are you? What do you do? Is there a problem? How can you help? Website Content Photos Blogs (written + graphic) Videos (Corporate story) White Papers Articles on Industry News / Trends Infographics Presentation Slides (Slideshare) Public Relations Customer Stories Press Releases CSR Stories Advertising Print Brochure (Corporate Overview) Ads Web Banners AWARENESS & EDUCATION
  3. 3. Who needs it? What problem will it solve? Who is using this & what results have they had? Blogs (written + graphic) Videos (How To’s & Best Practices) White Papers ebook buyers guides Podcasts Webinars Independent (3rd Party) articles Infographics Presentation Slides (Slideshare) Public Relations Case Studies Testimonials Events Advertising Print Brochures (solutions) Ads Web Banners INTEREST ESTABLISHED Awareness&Education
  4. 4. Blogs (written + graphic) Demos White Papers (Checklist) Technical Data (Analyst Reports) Product & Service Comparisons Podcasts Webinars Infographics Presentation Slides (Slideshare) Newsletters Public Relations Case Studies Testimonials Seminars Advertising Print Brochures (fact sheets) Building a Business Case What are the consequences of NOT having this? What are my options? Technical Details? Cost? ROI? InterestEstablished Awareness&Education
  5. 5. InterestEstablished BuildingaBusinessCase Topic Sheets White Papers (Product) Manuals / User Guides Installation Guides Competitive Intelligence Tutorials (Video) ROI Measurements Presentations (Slides, Video, Hand-outs) Price Lists RFP Template Newsletters Public Relations Case Studies Testimonials Corporate Marketing (Fact Sheet, Profile, References, Backgrounder) DECISION to BUY Why are you better than the competition? History of customer satisfaction? Match all requirements? Awareness&Education
  6. 6. DecisiontoBuy Unaware InterestEstablished ProblemAcknowledged Blog Newsletters New Product / Feature Releases Implementation Best Practices User Guides / Manuals Online Forum Tutorials (Video) Loyalty Club Public Relations Case Studies Events Seminars User Conferences Returning Customer How can you make this an amazing customer experience? (purchase + user) Will your customers become your best sales people? Ambassador, Loyalty
  7. 7. PURCHASE Vendor & Product Comparison Expert & Peer Validation INTEREST ESTABLISHED Industry & Product Neutral information EDUCATION Buying Stages > Content Creation > Awareness& Education InterestEstablished ProblemAcknowledged DecisiontoBuy ReturningCustomer
  8. 8. CONTENT CREATION STRATEGIES SUPPORT YOUR CUSTOMER THROUGH VARIOUS STAGES of the BUYING CYCLE • Know your Customer - Present & Future • Know their Needs • Solve their Problems • Be a resource beyond selling • Build relationships
  9. 9. Strategic Communications to Build your Business in a Modern Digital Age SUBSCRIBE