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20 Best TV Shows On Netflix


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Here is a curated list of 20 Best Tv Shows on Netflix. Now, you can experience the best TV shows on Netflix which will be right at your fingertips.
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20 Best TV Shows On Netflix

  1. 1. 20 Best TV Shows Worth Watching on Netflix
  2. 2. OZARK: this is one of the best shows on Netflix starring reputed Hollywood star Jason Bateman
  3. 3. THE EXPANSE: Set in the realms of space this show has mind-boggling VFX and cinematography
  4. 4. GLOW: Women empowerment has been portrayed in this show like never before
  5. 5. ORPHAN BLACK: Commenced in 2013, this spectacle is a blend of sci-fi and thriller with detective plots and magical realism in it
  6. 6. THE KEEPERS: Based on a true story, this documentary cum television series is one of the best TV shows on Netflix
  7. 7. MASTER OF NONE: Aziz; a witty actor has explored the different prospects of humor in this flick
  8. 8. THE CROWN: A true story developed by Peter Morgan which describes the period from 1947-1955 is quite enticing and heart whelming
  9. 9. STRANGER THINGS: The plot is based around a few kids from the 80’s who while indulging in a game lose their ways and end up discovering mythical sedition schemes brought in by the government
  10. 10. OA: Outstanding attributes and a stellar performance by both Britt Marling and Jason Isaac have made OA one of the best tv shows on Netflix
  11. 11. BREAKING BAD: Breaking bad narrates the story of a chemistry teacher who in order to fight a detrimental disease such as cancer indulges in trafficking of crystal meth and leads to unfavourable and eerie circumstances both for him as well as his family
  12. 12. FRONTIER: This flick speaks about the 18th century traders when the western region of America was in the broadening phase
  13. 13. 13th: This documentary deservingly won an award coining it as the “Best Political Documentary”
  14. 14. CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND: A comedy of errors aided by a decent song sequence makes this show amusing and entertaining
  15. 15. AMERICAN CRIME STORY: The series picks up the story of the football legend post the assassination of his wife and friend in which he is set up for trial for being the condemned
  16. 16. 3%: Initiated in Brazil, 3% is a show where actually 3% of the total crowd from the society is given the option to flee from distress and starvation whereas others are deported offshore
  17. 17. 13 REASONS WHY: This sci-fi flick is based completely on the book titled “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher
  18. 18. NARCOS: This story is about Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, his rise, wrongdoings and his encounter with the United States police department leading to his fall
  19. 19. LUKE CAGE: Superhero fanatics will certainly have a good time involving themselves in this journey
  20. 20. DAREDEVIL: Charlie Cox plays Daredevil who is blind and has a day job of a lawyer whereas he fights atrocities after dusk
  21. 21. HOUSE OF CARDS: Adapted from BBC’s miniseries of the same name, Michael Dobbs came up with the venture to explain the dirty politics going on inside the walls of The House
  22. 22. There are plenty of good TV series on Netflix. If you are trying to figure out what to watch next, Here you will find ever-expanding recommended list of TV Shows available on Netflix. Here we have discussed the 20 best tv shows on Netflix
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