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How To Make Every Click Count with Effective Tracking by Joel Bondorowsky (AnyTrack)

More than 50% of advertising campaigns fail due to improper or misusing sales tracking. Your marketing efforts will never reach their full potential if you’re investing in traffic without knowing how its performing.

Don’t spend another cent on advertising until you’re tracking from A-Z.
Don’t fall into the trap of trying to figure out code yourself, there is an easier way.
Join Joel Bondorowsky (Founder of PPC Designs and PPC Academy professor at SEMRush) for a one hour long webinar where he explains the danger of not implementing effective tracking, how tracking works, and what you can do to make sure you’re not missing a thing.

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How To Make Every Click Count with Effective Tracking by Joel Bondorowsky (AnyTrack)

  1. 1. Intro What are the solutionsWhy conversion tracking matters Why it is so hard
  2. 2. Grew up in Orlando Florida Was one of Google AdWords first 300 users Somehow ended up living in the North of Brazil for 6 years Moved to Israel in 2009 Fell in love with PPC while working at Briefly Worked at SimilarWeb Founded Quality Score late 2012 About me Launch
  3. 3. Effective tracking isn’t Analytics Effective tracking is about having the data you need to win with online marketing • It is not data analysis • It does not solve attribution problems • You still need to understand what goals or KPIs are important for you
  4. 4. The Internet Marketing Revolution Online marketing gives you the power to target over 1 billion people who are • Searching • Browsing • Scrolling • Or Reading Effective sales tracking enables you to measure everything that they do from the time that they see your ad, to make a purchase If your campaigns aren't taking full advantage of this, you are destined to fail
  5. 5. This data gives you control Measurable Performance Many Targeting Options Across Multiple Platforms Control
  6. 6. Yet most fail More than 50% of ad campaigns fail due to improper or inadequate tracking
  7. 7. PPC platforms of 2020 and beyond need it Google, Facebook, the others, predictive machine learning, all need data. They need to see all of it work Ad platforms in 2020 and beyond are relying more on machine learning to target the right user at the right time You will loose at PPC if you’re not feeding the algorithms the right signals
  8. 8. More than 50% fail
  9. 9. Why? They don’t understand what they are missing They lack technical resources
  10. 10. Top Excuses for not understanding 1. Lack of understanding of performance marketing (Higher VPC than CPC) 2. Their goal is to spend budget 3. They think what they have is adaquate
  11. 11. Top Reasons for Technical limitations 1. Website CMS is outdated 2. Website CMS is custom built 3. The sales funnel transcends multiple domains 4. The sales funnel leads to a 3rd party order management system
  12. 12. What are the Solutions
  13. 13. Traditional tracking solutions In house developerDo it yourself Outsource
  14. 14. Setting it up can be difficult