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Banks of india


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all you have to know about this Famous indian banks in 1 ppt

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Banks of india

  1. 1.  Bank of Baroda  State Bank Of India  Yes Bank  Punjab National Bank  Indusland Bank
  2. 2. Founded in 20 juLy 1908 (108 years) By SIR SAYAJIRAO GAYAKWAD P.S JAYKUMAR is current C.E.O Headquarters is VADODARA,INDIA Total Asset $113.3 billion(3.58 trillion)
  3. 3.  1908: maharaja sayajirao gayakwad set up Bank Of Baroda.  1910: established its first branch in Ahemdabad.  1953: establish branch in Mombasa and onother in kampala.  1959: acquired hind bank  1961: merged in new citizen bank of india
  4. 4. 1969: The government of india nationalized bank of baroda 2007: in its centenary year, BOB’s total business coessed 2.09 lakh crores,its branches crossed 1000, and its global customers raised to 29 million peoples around the globe.
  5. 5. Vadodara, India
  6. 6. C.E.O of Bank Of Baroda :- P.S Jaykumar
  7. 7. Chairman & MD(BOB) :- M.D Mallya
  8. 8.  Apart from loans, deposits, credit card and debit cards, Bank Of Baroda offers other services to make financial dealings easy and convenient  Baroda health  remittances(baroda money express)  collection services  ESC(electronic clearing services)  government business (PPF,tax collection and saving )
  9. 9.  BANK OF BARODA is the third largest bank in india  BANK OF BARODA is ranked 763 In FORBES global 2000 list  BANK OF BARODA has a network of over 3,409 branches and offices, and about 1,657ATMs
  10. 10. Founded in 2 june 1806 Chairwomen is smt. Arundhati Bhattacharya Headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India No of Employees is 293,459  Revenue INR 272,871.03 crore (US$41 billion)
  11. 11.  Established in 1806 at culcutta as bank of culcutta  It is the oldest bank of Indian sub-continent Re-designed as bank of bengal on 2-january 1809.  It was the first join-stock bank of british india.  later on bank of madras,bank of bombay and bank of bengal were amalgamated to Imperial bank of India on 27-january 1991.
  12. 12.  it was nationalized on 1995 and was renamed as STATE BANK OF INDIA.
  13. 13. This was the first logo of state bank of india The banyan tree in logo says that the bank has strong roots and is capable of growing in all direction
  14. 14. This is the current logo of state bank of india This was designed by shekhar kamat, NID, ahemdabad
  15. 15. They say when mr. shekhar was traveling by airplane and Seen kankariya lake, Ahemdabad and from an Ariel view That person got the idea of
  16. 16. Headquarters of SBI Mumbai, Maharashtra
  17. 17. Arundhati Bhattacharya She was the first ever chairperson of SBI
  18. 18. Domestic treasury SBI vishwa yatra foreign travel card Broking services Revised service charges ATM service Internet banking E-pay E-rail Safe deposit locker
  19. 19. Thank you for your patience