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Partyfly- Lean Startup Machine NYC


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Partyfly- Lean Startup Machine NYC

  1. 1. PartyFlyConcierge bachelorette party planner
  2. 2. Party in a Box Assumptions:● Buying accessories, food and drinks is a major stress● People cant find time to shop
  3. 3. Got out of the building20+ customer interviews, 8 survey responses: ● Most people dont find throwing small-scale parties to be that stressful (rated them "moderately stressful") ● Most stressful part: creating a playlist and getting RSVPs ● Women are most stressed about theme parties ● Bachelorettes and showers are the most stressful of allps Men dont throw parties...
  4. 4. Bachelorette partiesInterviewed 10 more women about planning bachelorettesMost women find everything about them stressful: ● Ensuring guests will attend ● Gathering payments ● Choosing a theme ● Negotiating with venuesStrong, emotional reaction from many women.One concern: will the bride be pissed if she finds out?
  5. 5. Concierge MVP - 1st Customer ● Customization important ● Easier to customize with packages as starting point ● Biggest value-add: alleviating annoying tasks
  6. 6. Does it scale?● Assumes customization wont be labor intensive.● Relationships with restaurants, clubs mean less effort to get reservations and on guest listsNext Step:● Testing cost of acquisition via Facebook, StumbleUpon
  7. 7. Long-term vision● Bachelorettes are a beachhead● Happy customers refer us for bridal and baby showers, birthday bashes, and numerous other celebrations● More lucrative: corporate events