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Connectivity for Smart Home IoT - Brad Kayton


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Brad Kayton

Published in: Technology
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Connectivity for Smart Home IoT - Brad Kayton

  1. 1. CONNECTIVITY FOR SMART HOME IOT With the Best Conferences Internet of Things (IoT) October 30, 2016
  2. 2. SO, WHO IS THIS GUY? Brad Kayton Way back, early 90s Late 90s
  3. 3. automated white sound WHAT’S IN YOUR SMART HOME?
  4. 4. SMART HOME CONNECTIVITY 2000 900MHz 1980 Infrared 1990 X10 1970 2010 Universal Powerline Zigbee Z-wave Bluetooth Wi-Fi BLE
  5. 5. INFRARED One-way communication Suitable for line of sight
  6. 6. PROPRIETARY WIRELESS Still used for many home alarm systems including wireless doorbells etc Z-wave •  owned by one company (Sigma Designs)…a standard, but. •  Over 300 companies making products •  ADT Pulse,, Wink •  Hubs are required for interconnectivity
  7. 7. PROPRIETARY WIRED X10 Universal Powerline HPNA (phoneline…mostly dead now)
  8. 8. ZIGBEE Over 1000 products, over 300 home automation products Pros: •  Low power consumption •  Low processing requirements •  Mesh architecture for better wireless stability Cons: •  Requires a hub to get join the IOT •  More expensive than WiFi •  Some proprietary versions of ZigBee
  9. 9. BLUETOOTH/BLE Over 30K members of Bluetooth Alliance (free to join) Over 10K qualified end products Billions of devices deployed Pros: •  Low power consumption •  Low Processing requirements •  Very low cost (mostly free with WiFi, or under $1 stand alone) Cons: •  Requires a hub to join the IOT •  Mesh protocol in development – projected 2017 release
  10. 10. WIFI Over 700 members ($5K-$15K to join) Over 30K products Over 12B units shipped Pros: •  Most ubiquitous RF interface for consumer devices •  Billions of devices shipped have driven solution price very low – under $2 in some cases •  No hub needed, direct cloud connection to devices possible (through home router) Cons: •  High power •  No mesh yet •  Proliferation of WiFi IoT hardware might require consumers to update their WiFi networks
  11. 11. CONSIDER THE MULTI-RADIO HUB Hub Zwave Bluetooth Zigbee Powerline Comm 900MHz IR
  12. 12. CONSIDER THE MULTI-RADIO HUB Hub Zwave Bluetooth Zigbee Powerline Comm 900MHz IR Door Lock Light Switch Door Bell TV Motion Sensor Water Sensor
  13. 13. CONSIDER THE WI-FI HUB Wi-Fi Router PCs Tablets Smart Phones Smart TVs Security Camera Security Camera Security Camera Thermostat Thermostat Lights Lights Lights Lights
  14. 14. USE BOTH? Wi-Fi Router PCs Tablets Smart Phones Smart TVs Security Camera Security Camera Security Camera Thermostat Thermostat Lights Lights Lights Lights Hub Zwave Bluetooth Zigbee Powerline Comm 900MHz IR
  15. 15. THE PEOPLE’S FAVORITE Wi-Fi Router PCs Tablets Smart Phones Smart TVs Security Camera Security Camera Security Camera Thermostat Thermostat Lights Lights Lights Lights Ubiquitous Familiar Trusted
  16. 16. •  Dominate BB equip provider for DSL /telcos for years •  RGW vs. Dumb modem •  Home networking pioneer •  Invented TR-069
  17. 17. #1 Overall Best of CES Innovations, 2009
  18. 18. THE ALL-IN-ONE CABLE MODEM •  Converts Cable to Ethernet •  NAT •  Routes IP commands •  Wi-Fi access point •  Usually all on one processor •  Fine for a few devices, but not for IoT
  19. 19. IS YOUR WIFI NETWORK READY FOR THE IOT? “my router can handle 256 IP addresses” But have you tried hooking up 4 smartphones, 3 tablets, 4 computers, two thermostats, three IP cameras, three smart TVs, 2 door locks and 15 light switches anytime recently…?
  21. 21. SIMPLE Simple Installation The Plum lightpad installs into your wall just like any other dimmer. Just disconnect your old switch or dimmer and wire in the Plum lightpad. WiFi Connected Once installed, the Plum lightpad easily connects to your WiFi system. No Hubs, No complexity. Easy Configuration Setting up new devices is as easy as sending or receiving a text message. The app automatically discovers and sets up new devices. Just name the room and the device.
  22. 22. INTELLIGENT Multi-touch Gestures Multi Touch allows you to control just one light, a group of lights, or the entire house from any Lightpad. Plum has filed patents relating to advanced gesturing including “learning custom gestures” Motion glow The Lightpad features an occupancy detector and will gently illuminate as you approach it in the dark. or use it as a nightlight. You can set the glow to the color of your choice. Control anything With advanced gestures, you can create a scene of light for a party and start a playlist on your Sonos music system. Plum has filed patents relating to the control of 3rd party devices like Sonos and Nest.
  23. 23. Scheduling The Plum app allows you to create schedules for your lighting for regular activities. Plum can also learn your behaviors and suggest schedules, or randomly turn lights on while you are on vacation. CONVENIENCE Notifications Plum can provide notifications based on events. So if a family member sends you an important text, all of your Lightpads flash green. Severe weather alerts can trigger a red flashing glow. Energy Reporting Plum provides real time energy reporting and can send you a message if you have a lightbulb out or that your kitchen lights are costing you 10% more this month over last.
  24. 24. SMART HOME IOT FIRST Distributed system Fault tolerant Cumulative processing Contextually aware Secure 450Mhz Processor Software Mesh Plums’ Novel In-Home Distributed Computing Cluster The Lightpad’s software can be updated remotely with no interruption of the device or light
  25. 25. Source: Cisco
  26. 26. •  Fog Computing is about computing on the edge •  In Fog Computing, devices communicate peer-to-peer so as to efficiently share/store data and make local decisions •  Fog and Cloud computing are not exclusive of each other, indeed they are synergistic •  IoT systems, especially as they scale, will require Fog Computing FOG COMPUTING & SMART HOME IOT
  28. 28. IOT BUSINESS MODELS Product Sales Services / RMR B2B -6.25 0 6.25 12.5 18.75 25 0 3 6 9 12 15 Data / Analytics
  29. 29. CONTACT INFO Brad Kayton Start-ups: BoD governance, M&A programs Larger Companies: strategy consulting Angel Capital Fund, Invests in IoT (and other)