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Learning gypsies story


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Why the Escudero Family is going around the world researching how learning happens in 2016 and how to improve it.

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Learning gypsies story

  2. 2. Hi.We are Hazel and Iñaki. We are parents and educators. We are privileged to have 5 wonderful kids who are attending good schools in the U.S. And through our jobs in executive education we witness the transformative impact of learning in professionals who want to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive talent market. And the more we think about learning, education, teachers, parents and schools; the more we realize that under the current Education system, we are trading important human attributes like creativity and uniqueness, in favor of standardization and averages. We want to do something meaningful to help change this, but before we do...
  4. 4. factory during industrial revolution THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION GAVE BIRTH TO MANY NEW INDUSTRIES...
  8. 8. Source: Internet live stats A LOT!!!
  9. 9. Source: The Big Picture: Education Is Everyone's Business BUT THE WAY KIDS ARE EDUCATED HAS NOT! For a century or more, reformers have been fiddling with how to improve on a paradigm of schooling derived from another age and intended for a very different purpose. “ “
  10. 10. OUR QUESTION IS How can we improve the way kids learn today? We’ll travel the world for one year to learn from: kids schools parents teachers government
  11. 11. THINK ABOUT THIS... How can we improve the way kids learn today? In 2016 we know that: ...every person learns differently, at different paces. ...the brain develops its most powerful learning connections between ages 1-5. ...teaching is an important profession that requires specialization. is to today’s kids what electricity was to their parents. ...the definition of a ‘success” student needs to be redefined. never stop learning, but kids stop caring about learning earlier. ...learning involves a community of parents, teachers and students. ...schooling is more expensive than ever, but learning has never been more accessible. ...our kids are global citizens already, but our schooling is very local.
  12. 12. THE CHALLENGES WE FACE - Are we preparing our kids for the   full range of future opps? - What skills will they need when   they get there? - Can we write the manual for   parents on educating our kids?PARENTS TEACHERS - Are they motivated and   engaged to follow the current   path to "graduation"? - Are these paths even aligned   with future professional opps? - Are they engaged in a meaningful   relationship with their teachers? A BROKEN RELATIONSHIP STUDENTS - Do we understand what makes a good teacher in 2017? - Are people inspired to teach? - Can teachers be mentors too?   And should they involved patents   in the learning process? - How do teachers evaluate growth?
  13. 13. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED... Get to know us Learn about the tools/methods we will use to uncover insights and answers Explore how we will document our learnings Look at our flexible travel plan Find out how you can be a part of it
  14. 14. GET TO KNOW US Amaia 7 yo Hazel 38 yo Alani 10 yo Iker 5 yo Iñaki 50 yo Julia 66 yo photo cred: @christerhedberg LEARNING GYPSIES
  15. 15. GET TO KNOW US Iñaki Escudero (Daddy). Cultivating curiosity for 50 years, he explores the “whys” beyond the bounds of rational thought. Father of five, runner and Lego builder. Global Speaker and Facilitator. Curator of awesome content via The One Thing. Founder of The Mutant Gene. Reading 1 book a week for the last 7 years. Born in Spain, made in NYC. Fluent in Spanish and English, currently learning Portuguese. Hazel Swayne (Mami).Devoted to finding solutions tointeresting challenges. Especiallyin the space of learning anddevelopment. Dancer and techy;Hazel is the Director of TailoredSolutions for Hyper Island. Hermission in life is to helpeveryone learn what they need toreach their fullest potential. Momto 5 kids between the ages of 5and 12, you can call her“Juggler.” Born in Peru, made inBrooklyn, NY.Fluent in Spanish,English, and Portuguese currentlylearning code. Julia Leturia (Ñaña). Elementary English Teacher gone Reiki Master and Holistic Healer, dedicated to spreading the benefits of gratitude and self-awareness via social channels. Julia is driven by her grandchildren’s creativity and determination. She hopes to uncover a way to improve society through the power of learning. Peruvian born and raise.Fluent in Spanish and English.
  16. 16. AND WHY WE ARE DOING THIS Alani. A self-taught (via youtube) gymnast, who loves challenges and exploring new things. Creator of super fun content. Living with a life- threatening condition which makes her driven and determined to always conquer even the impossible. From Brooklyn, NY. Fluent in Spanish and English, currently learning Portuguese. Amaia. Probably the most curious ofthe bunch, always wondering“what if?.” Excited about thelittle details of life,minecraft addict and Instagram’s newbie. Her passion to learnin new ways is contagious. FromBrooklyn, NY. Fluent in Spanishand English, currentlyperfecting Spanish. Iker. Wise beyond his years, a born soccer-star who loves every single sport and video-games equally. He has his mom’s dancing gene and can’t stay still when music plays. From Brooklyn, NY. Fluent in Spanish and English, currently learning Greek.
  17. 17. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Human Centered Design, IDEO Method. See video here. Ethnographic Research. The systematic study of people and cultures. It is designed to explore cultural phenomena where the researcher observes society from the point of view of the subject of the study. An ethnography is a means to represent graphically and in writing the culture of a group. Read more here. JOBS TO BE DONE. This framework is a tool for evaluating the circumstances that arise in people’s lives. They rarely make buying decisions around what the “average” person in their category may do—but they often buy/subscribe to things because they find themselves with a problem they would like to solve. With an understanding of the “job” for which people find themselves “hiring” a product or service, companies can more accurately develop products/solutions well-tailored to what customers are already trying to do. Read more about this tool.
  18. 18. Social Channels. Hub: Website. Culture (Places/People) on Instagram. Kids experiencing schools on YouTube. Learning Reflections on Newsletter. Experiences on Facebook. #gypsieslearn OUR DOCUMENTATION TOOLS Podcast.Learning Gypsies. A place to document interviews, conversations, and learnings as we connect with people around the world to help us answer questions. Blueprint for Learning. A practical guide of how to bring parents, educators and learners to fulfill to tailor solutions to a new reality.
  19. 19. OUR (flexible) TRAVEL PLAN 2 months hub satellite home SAT NYC LIM SAO MAD SING STO
  20. 20. HOW YOU CAN HELP US. PROMOTE US. Help promote and share the project and its needs.Share it with influencers and media to help us multiply the reach. CONNECT US. We will need to meet new people in every hub and city we visit. We will rely on our network’s network to reach those to interview and learn from. If you know someone we should interview or meet, please email us and connect us. SPONSOR US. We are looking for mind-like companies and people willing to invest on an unfinished product because they believe the current system of education needs to improve. Mainly to support travel and equipment. See next slide. HOOK US UP. We need talented people who can help us with the development of our podcast and online blueprint.
  21. 21. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PROJECT: Travel and accommodations. We need to interview educators, visit schools, talk to parents and kids across 5 continents. There are more than 30 countries to explore and over 50 cities to visit. TOOLS: Equipment, gear and tech. To be able to develop content and a useful blueprint we will invest in technology like laptops, tablets, cameras and recording electronics. Also, we will invest in traveling gear such as backpacks, suitcases and shipping containers. OUTPUT: Podcast and Blueprint. As we conduct our research we will share our learnings with the world via a weekly podcast. At the end of the year-long project we will make a blueprint accessible to everyone at no cost. If you would like to support our life-changing project, please email us or go to our GoFundMe campaign. Powered by
  22. 22. BE PART OF OUR JOURNEY With your help we will be able to develop our weekly podcast and an online blueprint for learning which will be accessible to everyone around the world for free. By supporting our project, you will be helping kids around the globe learn the skills they need to thrive in a completely new era. Also, you will become an essential part of our project, and each of your names will be showcased on our weekly podcast and on our final online blueprint for learning.
  23. 23. We are sure that out of all the interviews and conversations we will have with teachers, parents and children, and from all the visits to innovative schools and to areas less fortunate, we will have a clear answer to the question keeping us up at night: Can we improve the way our kids learn, so they can become the best version of themselves, and help build a better and compassionate world in the future? We will give access to these findings, in the form of a blueprint, to parents, teachers and those working to improve education. Our plan is not to do the change ourselves, but to empower those who can multiply and scale its impact. We are looking forward to August 2017!
  24. 24. I find it difficult to complacently accept the “what”; I want to hunt for the “whys” and dissect the “hows”. In essence, I subsist on discovery. Quote from: Brittany Stinson's College Submission Letter photo cred: @skyfreysscole THE LEANING GYPSIES MOTO “ “