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Nephos Technologies - Cloud Feasibility Brochure


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There are so many "Cloud" companies in the market place that making the right choice as to which provider is best for you, what services are suitable to migrate to the Cloud and the business case to do so.

Nephos Technologies are 100% independent of any vendor, we seek to understand your business and technological goals and identify the right providers for your applications. We can even help you migrate too.

This brochure provides some information on our approach to helping you build a Cloud Strategy. For more information please do contact us on

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Nephos Technologies - Cloud Feasibility Brochure

  1. 1. Nephos  Technologies  Cloud   Readiness  Assessment  Service  The  Cloud  Computing  Challenge   services  to  market  faster  and  retain  high  value  employees.    They   focus  on  managing  and  delivering  services  and  not  an  asset.    Cloud  Cloud  Computing  is  one  of  the  fastest  growing  markets  within  the   Services  support  these  requirements.  IT  industry,  with  organisations  across  every  vertical  market  and  every  scale  of  organisation  benefitting  from  the  consumption  of   In  many  cases  internal  IT  departments  have  little  time  to  innovate  Cloud  Services.    This  has  spawned  a  number  of  providers  each  with   and  drive  value  back  to  the  business  due  to  the  level  of  their  own  opinion  on  what  “good”  looks  like  and  very  few  offering   infrastructure  that  they  are  asked  to  manage,  infrastructure  that  an  independent  opinion  on  best  practice  for  their  customer.   can  only  grow  over  time.    Not  all  services  are  suited  to  Cloud   delivery  models  and  as  such  IT  are  asked  to  manage  the  traditional  Despite  the  rapid  growth  in  this  space  it  is  a  market  place  still  in  its   infrastructure  as  well  as  the  Cloud  environment.    This  delivery  and  relative  infancy  with  organisations  seeking  to  understand  how   ongoing  management  needs  to  be  controlled  to  preserve  the  level  best  to  utilise  Cloud  services  and  the  impact  that  they  could  have   of  service  delivered  to  the  business.  on  their  business.    These  organisations  are  aiming  to  gain  clarity  on:   Different  parts  of  the  business  pull  in  different  directions,  its   natural,  but  this  shouldn’t  inhibit  your  ability  to  innovate  and   • The  tangible  business  benefit  of  Cloud  Services     benefit  from  Cloud  services.    Without  a  strategy  for  the  delivery  of   • Which  services  can  be  migrated  to  the  Cloud   services  success  will  be  hard  to  come  by  and  you  will  suffer  from   Cloud  sprawl.  The  most  dynamic  and  successful  businesses  in  your   • The  most  appropriate  provider  for  their  specific   sector  will  be  the  ones  that  utilise  Cloud  services  in  the  most   requirement   appropriate  way,  being  able  to  react  to  market  changes  and  new   • How  these  services  can  be  migrated  without  negatively   services  quicker.   impacting  the  business    From  a  business  perspective,  Executives  are  typically  being  driven  to  reduce  cost,  enable  the  business  to  deliver  new  
  2. 2. How  Can  Nephos  Technologies  Help?   As  an  independent  Cloud  Services  Broker,  Nephos  Technologies   works  in  collaboration  with  our  customers,  listening  to  your   requirements  (both  business  and  technical)  and  translating  those   requirements  into  an  overarching  Cloud  strategy,  and  executing  on   any  elements  of  the  recommended  strategy  should  we  be  asked  to   do  so.       Cloud  is  a  business  rather  than  technical  solution  and  Nephos’   consultative  approach  enables  us  to  translate  your  overall   business  strategy  and  make  recommendations  as  to  how  Cloud   Services  can  support  that  strategy;  we  can  provide  the  following   information  as  part  of  that  review  process:     Business  Assessment   Our  business  assessment  involves  the  interaction  of  one  of  our   consultants  with  line  of  business  heads  to  understand  the   following  aspects  of  your  business:   • Business  Strategy/Plans:  How  is  success  measured?     • Business  Targets:    What  are  the  targets  for  the  business,   this  may  be  based  on  new  customer  acquisition,  talent   retention  or  acquisition  or  new  market  development  for   example.   • Financial  Targets:    We  want  to  understand  the  financial   position  of  the  organisation  and  the  commercial   pressures  on  the  relevant  lines  of  business  to  reduce   costs   • Application  Usage:    We  want  to  understand  the  core   services  that  your  business  utilise  and  their  priority   within  the  business   • Business  Continuity:    What  is  your  process  for  business   continuity,  what  service  levels  must  you  achieve  to   ensure  minimum  impact  to  the  business  if  you  were  to   invoke  your  business  continuity  policy    Technology,  Process  and  People  –  The  Key  to  Your  Cloud  Strategy  
  3. 3. 21   Technical  Assessment   Our  findings  are  then  presented  to  you  in  a  management  report,   which  is  yours  to  own  and  do  with  as  you  see  fit,  but  Nephos   As  part  of  the  technical  assessment  we  consider  the  following  core   Technologies  also  has  the  ability  to  execute  against  your   aspects:   recommended  strategy  and  support  you  in  the  migration  to  Cloud..   • Data  Security:    What  are  the  security  requirements  for   Summary     locating  your  data  and  for  things  like  encryption,  what   external  regulation  are  you  impacted  by     Nephos  Technologies  provides  our  customers  with  an  independent   view  of  your  current  infrastructure,  the  opportunity  that  Cloud   • Application  Compatibility:    What  services  are  suited  to  a   Services  provides  specific  to  your  business  and  the  potential  delivery   Cloud  delivery  model,  how  easily  can  they  be  converted   route  to  execute  on  that  plan.    Our  engagement  considers  the   and  what  is  the  cost  and  infrastructure  requirement  for   business,  technical  and  financial  aspects  of  your  journey  to  the   doing  so     Cloud  to  give  a  rounded  strategy  with  true  business  benefits.   • Storage  Requirements:    What  are  the  current  storage     environments,  requirements  for  today  and  likely  growth   in  the  future   Nephos  Technologies  will  provide  a  free  of  charge  2-­‐hour  workshop   to  understand  your  requirements  and  to  begin  this  process.    For   • Compute  Requirements:    What  are  the  core  services  in   more  information  contact  us  on   place  and  what  are  their  compute  requirements       • Connectivity  Requirements:    what  are  the  connectivity   requirements  for  specific  applications,  they  may  be  able     to  be  “cloudified”  but  can  the  connectivity  support  it  and   will  it  affect  service     • Service  Operations:    What  service  levels  are  required  to   support  business  operations  for  individual  services?   Financial  Assessment   As  part  of  our  review  process,  and  as  part  of  any  business  case   that  we  construct,  we  seek  to  understand  the  cost  impact  for  the   business.    We  assess  some  key  cost  components  and  compare   those  to  the  likely  cost  of  delivering  like  for  like  services  in  the   Cloud   • Capital  Expenditure  Review  –  review  of  the  current  cost   base  and  cost  of  expansion  in  line  with  projected  growth   • Operational  Expenditure  Review  –  review  of  the  current   OPEX  cost  base,  projected  future  cost  base   • Environmental  Expenditure  Review  –  what  is  the  current   environmental  footprint  of  the  existing  infrastructure   and  the  projected  growth  of  the  infrastructure       Nephos  Technologies   Suite  18250,  Lower  Ground  Floor,  145-­‐157  St  John   Street,  London,  EC1V  4PW