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in-memory database system and low latency


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Published in: Technology
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in-memory database system and low latency

  1. 1. FB lee.hyeongchae
  2. 2. About me국산 DBMSs MobileLite 이너비트 Embedded In-Memory DBMS NHN ( CUBRID ) 텔코웨어 CUBRID 알티베이스 Object Oriented DBMS 티베로 리얼타임테크 Telcobase 아키스 In-Memroy DBMS국산 DBs Altibase 선재소프트 In-Memroy DBMS 유엔젤
  3. 3. Agenda In-Memory DBMS !! Altibase, TimesTen, ExtremeDB, KDB+, C-ISAM … Why ?! Ultra & Extreme low latency AND Exture+ How ?! NUMA, SSD, Infiniband, Compiler, MQ, Tick, CEP … Best ?! In-Memory Computing ?! Best Of Best !! High Performance Computing !!
  4. 4. In-Memory Architecture
  5. 5. In-Memory Database System High Performance Low Latency No Jitter Disk-Based RDBMS vs Oracle TimesTen ( Simple Architecture )
  6. 6. Modern DBMS ≒In-Memory DBMS
  7. 7. In-Memory Database System 4G 3G 2G 1G
  8. 8. Altibase HDB & XDB장점 국내개발 및 기술지원 증권사 레퍼런스 MVCC 지원단점 성능한계 & 메모리 이슈 고급 엔지니어 부재
  9. 9. Oracle TimesTen & Coherence장점 오라클 & 레퍼런스 성능 DA ( Direct Attach )단점 DA ( Direct Attach ) 한계 MVCC 미지원 Durability 이슈 엔지니어 및 기술지원 부제
  10. 10. McObject ExtremeDB & FE장점 성능 해외 통신 & 증권 레퍼런스 STAC Member Join단점 임베디드 전문 회사 국내 기술지원 FE ( Financial Edition ) 검증
  11. 11. KX Systems KDB+장점 WORLD BEST QL ( Q Language ) STAC-M3 Leader단점 가격 국내 기술지원
  12. 12. IBM Informix C-ISAM장점 OLD BEST 성능 & 가격 Zero Configuration & Admin단점 File DB ACID 미지원 유지보수 및 기술지원
  13. 13. second ㎳ ㎳~㎲ ㎲ 2 digit ㎲~㎱
  14. 14. Ultra & Extreme Low Lantecy
  15. 15. Exture+ RFP
  16. 16. Exture+ RFP
  17. 17. Exture+ RFP
  18. 18. Exture vs Exture+
  19. 19. Sync vs Async
  20. 20. Pub-Sub Architecture
  21. 21. Exture+ Dev ?!
  22. 22. Exture+ Dev ?!
  23. 23. Exture+ Dev ?!
  24. 24. Exture+ Dev ?!
  25. 25. NUMA Architecture
  26. 26. NUMA Architecture Using McObject’s 64-bit eXtremeDB-64, the application creates a 1.17 Terabyte, 15.54 billion row database on a 160-core Linux based SGI® Altix® 4700 server.
  27. 27. NUMA ArchitectureIt supports up to 512 * sockets or 1024 cores under one instance ofLinux and as much as 128TB of globally addressablememory.
  28. 28. NUMA Architecture CPU-Socket-Isolation via PhysicalNIC / PhysicalCPU pairing. Multiple CPU sockets holding multiple CPUs should be used like multiple machines. Avoid inter-CPU communication
  29. 29. NUMA Architecture 8-socket Nehalem-EX: architecture 8-socket Nehalem-EX: memory bandwidth matrix
  30. 30. InfiniBand & 10GbEIn computer networking, Server Message Block (SMB), also known as CommonInternet File System (CIFS, /ˈsɪfs/) operates as an application-layer network protocol[1]mainly used for providing shared access to files, printers, serial ports, andmiscellaneous communications between nodes on a network.
  31. 31. InfiniBand & 10GbE
  32. 32. SSD
  33. 33. SSD is very very difficult.SSD (DRAM/NVRAM/flash/SLC/MLC) is Blah Blah !!
  34. 34. Compiler & *.[so|a] Library
  35. 35. Message QueueZeroMQ Crazy fast Brokerless architecture In-process library Lower latencies Very simple to use No persistence – requiring higher layers to manage persistenceRabbitMQ VMware vFabric AMQP compliant Written in erlang Small footprint and seemingly fewer lines of code in comparison to other AMQP compliant queue managers
  36. 36. OpenMAMA is high performanceMiddleware Agnostic Messaging API
  37. 37. Tick & Time series databaseeXtremeDB Financial Edition meets the specialized requirements ofhandling market data with several powerful features:Flexible data layout. eXtremeDB Financial Edition implements columnar datalayout for fields of type ‘sequence’. Sequences can be combined to form a time series, idealfor working with tick streams, historical quotes and other sequential data. The technologysupports database designs that combine row-based and column-based layouts, to bestleverage L1/L2 cache speed.Traditional DBMSs bring rows of data into L1/L2 cache for processing. But financial data –such as trades and quotes – are better handled by a column-based layout that avoidsflooding the cache with unwanted data.Vector-based statistical function library. Vector-based statisticalfunctions provide high efficiency by executing over all or part of one or more sequences andsupporting assembly lines of operations on sequences, for statistical/quantitative analysiseXtremeDB Financial Edition provides a rich library of vector-basedstatistical functions thatexecute over sequence to accelerate management of time series data. Handles real-time and historical data. eXtremeDB Financial Edition’sin-memory storage is ideal for real-time data, while developers can easily specify persistenttables for historical data with a simple notation in the database schema. eXtremeDBprogramming skills are fully interchangeable between in-memory and persistent databasedesigns (developers needn’t learn two database system products for real-time and historicaldata).
  38. 38. Complex Event Processing우리는 대용량 고속 데이터에 대한 통찰력을 가지기 위한 복합 이벤트 처리기술(CEP), 인-메모리 기반 분석 기술, 대용량 데이터 베이스 및 저장 기술 등 고급 기술세트를 제공합니다. 복합 이벤트 분석(Complex Event Analytics) 솔루션은 실시간대용량 정보 소스(Source)로부터 통찰과 함께 즉시 의사 결정을 지원하는 혁신적인솔루션입니다.
  39. 39. In-Memory Computing
  40. 40. In-Memory Computing !=No-Disk Computing
  41. 41. TOP500 - 1 st Blue Gene is an IBM project aimed at designing supercomputers that can reach operating speeds in the PFLOPS (petaFLOPS) range, with low power consumption.
  42. 42. High Performance Computing
  43. 43. HPI ( Hasso Plattner Institut )
  44. 44. Q?!AFB lee.hyeongchaehyeongchae@G+